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  1. Thanks! I was big into Mugen way back then, 2013 and before I think. DRACUL's Mario characters! (Mediafire) bowseryi2 || dkjr || walnew || yoshikf All of his characters were originally archived in .rar on his site. I probably have all of his characters. You can check out my Mediafire collection! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/gngr3vfpfmebg/DRACUL's_Collection
  2. Super rare crappy Japanese authored Mario characters WARIO by reiga || yoshi by ROMASAGA EX || kameck by ROMASAGA EX || kopa_tropa by tilin And a Mario character, unknown author mario The archived site that hosted tilin's Koopa Troopa also hosted a unknown author mario. This one looks familiar... It was a long time ago so my memory is very cloudy. Ok who's tilin? He's a Japanese author, and had a site where he hosted his red Koopa Troopa which I found through web archive ages ago. The author in the def file is blank, but by looking throughout his site, I found his email, which was "tilin" + some characters (probably numbers) @ some site... However, his characters were undownloadable on the archived site. So there you go, the history of how I found the author of this red Koopa Troopa, which I posted on Mugen wikia several years ago. Yea I was a noob back then so I didn't save his email address somewhere in my hard drive. If I did saved it, I don't remember where and is buried somewhere in my external hard drive or another place with 1000s of files I'll have to check through. Huge thanks to the guy who discovered tilin's red Koopa Troopa through web archive and posted it on Mugen wikia, which I forgot you're name. ROMANSAGA's characters were originally archived with lzh file format, now with zip.
  3. Hey guys I'm new here. Do you guys remember KoopaKingdom.com? Well, I have all of his characters from SSBE! aka Super Smash Bros. Extinction Demo Version!!! (MediaFire) You are probably asking yourself, how the heck did I get his SSBE? I have no idea to be honest. It was a long time ago and I think I went to an obscure website that hosted his SSBE. Right now nobody has most of his SSBE creations uploaded on the internet anywhere, or SSBE, until now! (yea sorry for being absent for years) All characters by KoopaKingdom.com aka JKS auto (Autobomb) || Birdo (Robirdo) || Boo || classic_ninji || Dark_Koopatrol || db (Dry Bones) || db2 (Dark Bones) || Doopliss || Fawful || Goomba_Horde || HammerBro || HawkMouth || km (Kamek) || koopa || Koopatrol || liu_kang (Luigi) || luigi || Mario || Master_Hand || metal_luigi || ninji || noob_saibot (Shadoo) || sandbag || shadoo || ShyGuy || smoke (Big Boo) || Snifit || vr (vomer) || Wario || Yoshi || yoshi2 This is all of his Mario related characters from SSBE. I know some of these have already been uploaded here like the Yoshi's and HawkMouth, but I might as well show them all here since this is all of his Mario chars from SSBE. There is also another Kamek character, but as far as I can see his Kamek sprites are not found there and only shows sektor's sprites. Other characters I have that he made (not found in SSBE). babybowser You can check out my KoopaKingdom.com's collection folder on MediaFire. I have his Pokemon characters, MK characters, Mr. Game & Watch, and more! http://www.mediafire.com/folder/k44g5oduyy5l1/KoopaKingdom.com's_Collection I don't have all of his characters though. I don't know if he made more than this. Missing: Garfield, Goro (seperate from SSBE), Yossy (Kart Fighter), Koopa (Kart Fighter), and Ukiki. Stage: Yoshi's House. Edit: Oops, Master Hand and Sandbag are not really Super Mario Bros. characters. O well.
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