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  1. I'm still confused about AI in MUGEN. Like, here's what I don't get...


    There is a default AI for MUGEN itself right? Meaning something in the MUGEN programming is controlling every character without AI to have some kind of AI, even if the AI is garbage tier bullcrap.


    Yet, it is impossible to modify the default MUGEN AI to become BRUTAL for all characters.


    So like... what? Like, I don't understand that. Here we have, an AI setting that is controlled by a series of triggers, my guess these triggers determine when a character hits, doesn't hit, guards, doesn't guard, right? So... then there should be something about these triggers that can be modified which makes a default brutal AI for all? Cause even on the so-called "hardest difficulty" in MUGEN, the AI is generally still pretty basic and bland.


    So I'm trying to wrap my head around this. A series of triggers that controls characters without AI by running their commands/scripts, yet the basic triggers themselves to run these commands/scripts cannot be edited to actually run them better, faster, stronger, more aggressive?


    Like... how does that not work? I would imagine, if you were to somehow modify the program's built-in AI function, then wouldn't you also be able to make the default AI not suck ass, therefore making it so that AI patches (unless you want something even more brutal than brutal itself) to exist?


    I don't know, maybe I don't know how coding works, but it doesn't sound complicated to me. I mean, obviously coding a brutal AI probably takes a long time, but I imagine, a series of triggers to increase things like reaction time or dodge/guard options, etc, should somehow boost the MUGEN engine's default AI to be better without the need for custom AI. Just seems odd to me.

    1. mulambo


      Actually, I think you can make the AI of all characters more "brutal" if you know how to mess with the data/common.cns  by adding the proper [State -1] codes to trigger guard, dodging, etc.  The AI also works in the CNS file, not just the CMD, as far as I know.

      About attacks, every character follows its own scheme, for example a char uses State 200 for weak punch, another char uses same State 200 for weak kick. It's not "common" so it's up to the coder to decide such numbers.


    2. jo19sh92


      Thank you for that information Mulambo. I'm glad you understood what I meant.

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