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  1. I think the issue is that trying to define what is GOOD in the community and what is BAD in the community has only a subjective value, which in turn develops a wolf-pack mentality for what is GOOD and what is BAD.


    I've always had the opinion that anything which functions as decently as Kung Fu Man would be part of the GOOD category. With KFM, there are no issues that hinder the gameplay. Of course, are there issues overall? I would imagine so, I'm sure someone more qualified in character creation can point out all the flaws. But are these flaws cosmetic/subjective? Yeah.


    I look at people like Armin_LufTonyADVChuchoryu, and many others that would be part of that BAD category and go "you know, they could be worse, they could just be uploading a single still image and calling it a character" I think much of the complaints about these creators isn't that they make bad work, but the work they make doesn't stand up against legendary creators like OHMSBYAhuronReuben KeeKamekaze, and many more.


    Its like comparing CRT TVs to the more advanced 1080p HD flatscreen TVs today. Both still function, both do what they're supposed to do, just one of them does it better. That doesn't mean that CRT TVs are bad, they're just not as fancy as the stuff we have nowadays.


    (Sorry about deleting my last posts, I think maybe I went on a rant and not so much an explanation of what I was trying to say, so I tried to fix it here... but I'm sure it'll go over a lot of people's heads)

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