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  1. Honestly I don't think this is much good, there's no indication on what you're supposed to, on top of that the black background disappears when certain characters do Supers/Hypers. I think the sprites could've had black in them, because when the background disappears they are transparent and it looks really bad, also moving can be impossible at times due to how many ghosts you're dealing with, I had to use Supermystery's Sonic 2 Style Sonic to even stand a chance because everyone else could be forced to left, it feels really sloppy, overall, as the 200 is in the completely wrong direction, when fighting it as P1, the portrait looks like a bunch of poor resizes in one sprite, other than that, I guess it works, also they don't come from the side of the screen, they just pop into existence.
  2. I'll be honest, this feels rushed and unfinished. -Lacking SFX -missing sprites, resulting in him going invisible for some hit animations -he slides when defeated by certain attacks, such as Knuckles' Running punch -Palettes feel unfinished, having a dark blue for the shoes still -Taunt lacks hitboxes, making him invincible when using it -said Taunt is impossible to use without using 1.1b's console and using changestate (insert player number here.) 196 -the 25x25 is just an awful resize of the head -some attacks are easily spammable -some attacks do to little damage -his only hyper does too much damage -a hyper that occurs even if the target wasn't hit -it's also activated by just press z, requiring no effort at all. -the cornerpush occurs on the hyper, so if the player is pushed back, the hyper is useless. -the portraits look poorly done, being drowned in white pixels, and lines. -some hitboxes are used too late into the attack, resulting in the opponent being hurt by thin air. -some hitboxes are too big -KFM's sounds are still being used even though they have no meaning. -Running is impossible -his walk speed is absurd -trying to do the Taunt when crouching will result in a seizure when releasing from crouch until you move -trying to run results in an invalid state trying to be used.
  3. The links for frule's creations are dead.
  4. To clear a thing up, I'm the maker of Ultimate Hol Horse, he's not meant to be cheap for those questioning it, he's an edit of y.y's Hol Horse that allows him to use Boingo, and The Hanged Man at once instead of having to use different characters, the result can be disastrous for those who truly know how to use the Horse, I had it on my PC for ages, and didn't want it public till' I declared there was no major bug, so now it's out, I'm glad it's sitting here as well, so people aren't barred (because Archive is Archive.)
  5. If you want a good Sonic.exe, use DarkLordXelrick's Character.
  6. I know I'm late buuuut Links to two Sonics, their moveset is Sonic Battle and Smash Bros Combined. with Smash Taunts. http://www.mediafire.com/file/t0nz30cfhybotbd/Male+Sonic+(Update+2).zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/rgc2vku693sr539/Female+Sonic+(Update+2).zip
  7. Something tells me this is going to go the same way Undertale, FNAF, and Cuphead MUGEN went.
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