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  1. DABA's Link for Shiori no longer functions
  2. Update. If you convert Green Sonic to WinMUGEN (Like I did) you end up crossing paths with his actually functioning AI. The AI will constantly spam projectiles, as well as it's Hypers whenever possible, while also spamming the run, making him extremely annoying to deal with if you are not using a fast character.
  3. There hasn't been much improvement at all since The King -Messy Palettes -Inconsistent style -Invalid Actions for Super Jump/Liedown/Super/Hypers -Spammable attacks -Messing up Fantastic, and Marvelous Announcements -Literal sex -Target being unable to do anything until hit after said sex -PalFX/Explode lasts too long after said sex If you're gonna throw sex in, at least warn us in some fashion. -Crappily recolored still of AOSTH, it looks like you just took a screenshot of S
  4. You know, if you are going to toss the WinMUGEN Tag on here, at least check to see if Springboob actually works with the 2002 Beta (which he doesn't)
  5. Google Drive Mirror for Duralminn's Edit. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lvSN4oJWw_VSiExeuEPIoWALoehF9V68/view?usp=sharing
  6. Edit of Meta Gouki's Inuyasha I did
  7. All Straight from the Readme I wrote up. An edit of Meta Gouki's Inuyasha, by Yukari Yakumo. I didn't aim for any drastic changes, I just wanted to add a few new things, as well as giving more comboability. However I seemed to have stray away from my goal in some ways. -Inuyasha can now combo between all of his Standing, Crouching, and Air Attacks. -New hit animations implemented, this is for more compatibility for 1.0/1.1 era characters, as some force older chars to use the new hit anims, which they don't have, thus making them invisible. -Midnight Bliss Compatability
  8. Duralminn's Edit is down all together.
  9. It's because he still feels rather rushed out the door, due to the existing issues, but keep it up, you are getting better, and that's what I like, here's a little tip, there's a folder in MUGEN called Docs, it has lots of tutorials, I suggest reading those up if you haven't already, keep the work up
  10. There is no reason to quit, you are improving, which is good, all I'm saying is please take a little more time on creating.
  11. While you did fix a few issues that are pretty much present in every single release, he's still filled with a huge amount of problems. -Invalid Actions for Super Jump - which floods debug -Debug Error with each Super -Debug Flood for Jackpot -Messy SFF - seriously why are there so many sprites in group 50?! -One Winstate - this wouldn't be an issue, but you made a completely new .cns file for just this one state, which makes it absolutely pointless. -Double Play hit clips - If hit in the air by anything, two clips play ins
  12. Hack The World (to my knowledge) has been updated by Mapelao, it's date is unknown, but now it has it's own fonts instead of reusing WinMUGEN's Lifebar fonts However it still uses the default Fight sound, and Hitsparks. Most Features are the same, but some got a big change (like the Power Bar for example) https://www.mediafire.com/file/bp9gxy18sb7pp4t/HackTheWorld.zip/file
  13. You've seen Hol Horse with Hanged Man, Hol Horse with Boingo, now how about with nobody? in the PSX Version of JoJo Heritage For The Future - After beating Super Story Mode, you can go to Journey and fight Shadow Dio as Hol Horse, this takes place after Hanged Man is killed, meaning Hol Horse is alone, and needs to rely on himself for once. This edit is based right off it, removing all traces of Hanged Man, and Boingo in the process. Hol Horse can only do his own stuff, and cannot use Hanged Man, or Boingo for help. https://www.mediafire.co
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