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  1. "I'll kick your ass so bad you'll wish... you never... had it to begin with!! Your ass, I mean." this may just be me, but when i think of a south park representative to be in any fighting game, i think of cartman (slow gameplay style, hard hitting). or kenny (attacks damage himself, a lot of finishers/hypers that are just kenny dying in creative ways that harm opponent). or really anybody but stan. hell maybe even kyle could work! but stan, being my favorite character and the (main character of south park) means i'm obviously going to ride this out and try to conceptualize a full-ass character of him. there's only one problem! i'm terrible at coming up with movesets i think stan could definitely work, and yes, i know that south park asskicker exists (or at least used to) but stan's moveset in that seems like something that was the product of them being confused as i am right now. so leave me any ideas / references / show clips / anything that might seem like it could be helpful and i'll get back on my bullshit and try doing something related to stan! thank you
  2. you're joking why did it move the third sheet to THE LEFT AGHGHGH
  3. instead of posting real updates (i'll do a video covering everything soon) i'm just going to post a ton of unorganized bullshit to give the same effects the sheets arguably one of the most interesting parts of sebi's dev is looking at everything drawn out like this and wow i dont put much effort into making it readable. feel free to take a nice good gander at everything i dont really care whatever floats your boat sadly, one of our troopers died in the purge and i replaced it with something more fitting (trust me pantbi will be coming back soon enough) formatting is about to get really shitty since mfaa refuses to let me center half of my images the stuff you can watch this gif is like really old and doesnt have half the stuff i want it to also you can barely tell whats goign onf ((big credit to all of these video and the coding in each one to KingPepe of FCF)) palette select (new palette select menu, unfinished) combo text (scrolling combo text, also unfinished) air 2-hits (kind of like ground 3-hits but in air) afternote i admittedly dont have a lot to show because i havent made anything proper to show, but hopefully it's enough since i dont think anyone wakes up in the morning and goes "OH SHIT, ARE THERE MORE SEBI MUGEN UPDATES?!" so yes goodbye for now good talk
  4. i had to lower the res but it's no biggie
  5. There are three things I particularly hate. Replicating anime art styles, coming up with movesets, and taking the weight of something that hasn't been done for MUGEN before. So why is it that all of these troubles are NEATLY ORGANIZED IN MY CHARACTER IDEA?!?! it's actually been sort of kind of easy so far but god damn i dont think im the right person for this lmao. any ideas or tips are appreciated. i'll try to keep the thread updated
  6. i think i did an edit of this stan with actual asskicker sounds at one point
  7. my rendering program hasn't started development in the shading/cosmetic department yet. it's super early in beta. currently, ultimate marios on hold since i have more important stuff to work on (cuphead and thatguysebi)
  8. Aw shit, here we go again. SEBI (thatguysebi) Sebi is a 6 button character that plays like a mashup between Famicom Fighters, Shin's SuperMario and a little bit of MVC sprinkled in. He has air dashes, combo potential (hopefully), some cool forward + punch shit that FCF does and... a ton of references nobody will get As far as it goes with what is done, I'm not quite there yet. That's why I figured I'd make a thread for him. Show people he exists for those that are interested. For now -- I'll show the things that are done! It's mostly boring stuff, but hey, you never know. (ignore any jitters. some gifs don't play probably due to how infinitely playing anims export) That's his big-ass (WIP) sprite sheet. The only other thing I have to show is the palette selection ((((which is super unfinished))) https://streamable.com/f0aml For those wondering (with context), this is a remaster of another Sebi WIP not too long ago. The sprites looked lame, and I felt like I could do better, so a few days ago I started it all over. I think that was a good decision considering I'm doing what I want to a lot more efficiently, now. I'll try to update the thread as much I can, but I can't guarantee anything.
  9. OH i'm very dumb Yeah, I'd have to completely do all the sprites over if I wanted to include that now (which i'm very willing to do) but right now I'm just thinking about finishing everything I need to. I'll get to alts once everything is complete.
  10. An update on SMF3 Mario and his stage. Deleted for personal reasons. I'm confused by what you mean with Wedding Mario as the basis for his sprites?
  11. Little update - I'm still working on Ultimate Mario. I'm still set on the goal of M.U.G.E.N having at least one solid 3D Mario after how disappointed I felt after Ali's. HCL's and SNS' are both pretty good Mario's in their own right, but I think the idea can be improved on. Either way, here are some images! I'm not sure why these gifs decide to export at incredibly high speeds, but you can't go wrong with Mario ducking at mach 10, right?
  12. trust me buddy. i thought SMF was a dream for awhile too lmfao

    1. Gaulbetti


      Thank you for the empathy. I still cry everytime.

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