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    Bangu, RJ, Brazil.
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    MUGEN, Doujinshi/Commercial games from the 90s/2000s (2010s suck!!!, the 2020s will suck!!!), Angelica Pickles (All Grown Up!),
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    All Grown Up!: Express Yourself (GBA), Dead or Alive 3, Eien no Aselia, Eternal Fighter ZERO, Guilty Gear X2 #RELOAD etc (more coming soon cuz im lazy).
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    CardCaptor Sakura
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    CCS Theme song, Futari no Prologue etc.

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  1. Decided from what fighting game i should study/understand more for making a MUGEN char, and this time it's Guilty Gear XX #RELOAD.

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    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Why not Accent Core+R?

    3. Jansen121


      I May also learn more about it (Though everything might be the same).

    4. PlasmoidThunder


      There is no better reference than playing the game yourself. Wikis are great for the intricate details, but there's a lot of stuff you can only learn by actually playing the game.

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