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  1. Hey there Futanari,


    Just wishing you a Happy Birthday from the other side of the tracks.


    May this day bring you some form of joy. =^_^=


    render_pusheen_by_reichabelle17-d67mehi.Happy B-Day!

  2. I just saw probably one of the most inspirational videos from one of the most amazing YouTube channels ever.




    Just the idea behind it gives a whole new meaning to "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". I mean, if you think about it, these buildings (before they were filled up with people and then abandoned) were once an architectural masterpiece and now they're a decaying masterpiece.


    The same can be said about a lot of things... just thought I should share this. Sorry if it is bugging people because it is apparently "hogging" the updates list or whatever. It just makes me think...

    1. Galvatron


      Nah! its cool man! I known some status updates that took alot more then this. :-)

  3. Nice screenpack, I think I may end up taking this one for my SFvsKOF collection.
  4. Going to be offline for a while, not entirely sure how long.


    It seems my internet at home has failed me and will no longer connect for some reason.


    Currently waiting for a call back from the company about sending someone out here to fix it. -_-"

    1. Galvatron


      We understand man! it happens. :-(

    2. SSBKing65✯


      Once my internet was down for a whole 2 months, I had 486 notifications when I came back. But see you.

    3. NekoTheGangBeast


      UPDATE: So, I'm able to get online right now, which is odd, yet for some off the wall reason, nearly every website I go to comes up as:


      "Server is taking too long to respond"


      Now, at first I figured maybe it was just the first few websites I go to were down or something, but then even YouTube was doing it and I was like "Welp, guess the internet isn't fixed yet." Although, I don't know why I can connect here, but nowhere else, even Google doesn't connect.


      Sadly though, I can't enter the chat or the forums, just my page.


      So, yes, I am online, but not really able to do anything, so I'll be logging off once again, and will only return to post updates until it is fixed.

  5. Just recently came across an enemy called "Tendril", and I regret having placed it on my roster. Like, it is beatable, but after it summons all its helpers, you're pretty much screwed (and sometimes literally screwed).

  6. I would but I can't create a google account cause I don't have a cell phone and it keeps asking me to give them a cell number.
  7. I absolutely adore this collection, the one character I use all the time is Morino-San B, such an awesome character.
  8. Nice to know I'm not the only person into Nijikaku, I have a pretty nice collection of their characters.

    1. SSBKing65✯


      I'm obsessed with that weird meme game! I know everything about it, really, check out my collection. Glad to have another Niji fan here. I even do videos on it: I love almost all the chars too, except for those NSFW ones and Abe.


  9. Hello there everyone, I guess I should put something interesting here as an introduction, but to be honest, I have no idea what I should be saying or even posting for that matter. So, to skip all the happy-go-lucky nonsense that a lot of people seem to post these days, I'll get straight to the point. I'm 23 years old (turning 24 this year), I'm into all kinds of music (but techno/trance/dubstep is more of my scene), I'm currently working at a bar in my local area (and despite how BS it is, a job is a job, so I have nothing to complain about), I have 2 cats that live with my (Roger & Alex... as a sign of respect to my favorite fighting game series ever... TEKKEN!), I grew up playing Playstation (might be a bit obvious), and overall... I'm just a pretty chill person (even though all the gifs I've posted are trippy and out of control). Speaking of trippy and out of control gifs... here ya go.
  10. Greetings everyone!


    1. SSBKing65✯


      Hey, welcome to MFFA NTGB.

    2. Galvatron


      Whatz up!... Man! I see you like cats alot. :-)


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