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  1. Huh? I don't remember seeing this episode from 1967's Spider-Man before.






    1. Toasted Milque

      Toasted Milque

      The 60's were a little different compared to current times.

  2. Lol. The thirst for MvC4 is so big that someone at Twitch created a category for MvC4 and removed UMvC3 from the category list.



    1. 087-B


      If only it were real. These last few days would be fucking legendary lol

    2. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Wait...you mean to tell me that Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite ISN'T Marvel vs Capcom 4?

    3. 087-B


      While MVCI has good gameplay, it's far too flawed to be deserving of such a number in its designation

  3. How dares Warner Bros to not put Chun-Li in the Mortal Kombat movie... Wait what!?


    1. Cook4251
    2. Toasted Milque

      Toasted Milque

      I sincerely hope people don't think that this is legit. This is a more obvious troll attempt then spamming slurs in the stream chat.

    3. Weiss_Circal


      Guess journalist just wanted a Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat game badly.

  4. "We live in a society."


    Boy that was so forced.

    1. 087-B


      And yet it was better than anything he said in Suicide Squad lol




      Unless it's not Jared Leto Joker but I see a lot of people saying it is so I'm going off that

    2. Red Chariot

      Red Chariot

      It is Jared Leto, now he looks like a Jeff The Killer cosplayer for some reason.


      I'm going to miss the cringey "Damaged" Tattoo tho

    3. 087-B


      Lol fair


      Ngl I think his design is more trying to look like Joaquin Phoenix's incarnation. I can tell from the hair.

  5. I keep seeing the giant lady from RE8 in my recommended videos and I have only watched just one RE8 video. Not that I'm complaining but is weird.

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    2. Gaulbetti


      Fad waifu, basically.


      Us Mugen players are used to large lewd vampire women though.

    3. Mister Fael
    4. Cook4251


      She's just the Western version of Hasshaku-Sama to me.

  6. "Such wasted potencial."

  7. If you're reading this I wish you a good day!

    1. 087-B


      Likewise! We stan good days in these trying times. ❤️❤️ 

  8. Happy new year, everyone!

  9. What happened to the Marvel Comics collection? I could swear it was there some hours ago.

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