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  1. Can't wait for the snow effect on the MFFA banner to appear again...
    Also, why do we still have the link to our Google+ page? I'm pretty sure Google+ is closed now

    1. Ryou


      google+ link? i've never heard of this google+ link you're talking about... *silently orders the henchmen to gun it down*

    2. jo19sh92


      Shhhh... we don't talk about Google+

  2. YEET, I spend more time daydreaming about graduating high school than revising for the exams

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    2. Banksy Boomboom

      Banksy Boomboom

      You probably mistook me with someone else, that wasn't me

    3. jo19sh92


      Hmmm I don't think so. I could have sworn you used to go by [email protected]



    4. Banksy Boomboom

      Banksy Boomboom

      Nope, that's not me. IIRC, [email protected] goes with the name Synck now.

  3. Sub-Zero: Your help is greatly appreciated. Shall we proceed right now to get things sorted quickly? Or must I wait for a moment for you to finish your businesses?
  4. Sub-Zero: I'd appreciate your help if you can isolate him into a secluded room, put him under constant surveillance and prevent him from potentially causing any trouble, should he rise back from his slumber. We don't know if he is going to suddenly become berserk and attempt to massacre everybody in the facility again. Sub-Zero: I feel that our suspicion seems to be mutual. There could be another organization behind the replication of the Cyber Initiative. Although I agree that we should avoid prying into his body, I think that we should try to verify if he is receiving any k
  5. ???: I suppose you are the one who runs this place? Allow me to introduce myself first. Sub-Zero: My name is Kuai Liang, but I am more known under the kodename Sub-Zero. I am the current Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei, a Klan of assassins dedicated in the protection of Earthrealm.The reason why I have come to this world was to investigate on some anomalies detected here which was presumably caused by a major incident that affected my world a while ago. I volunteered to inspect these anomalies alone, as it is also something that personally concerned me and my klan before.
  6. The man lifted the disabled cyborg again to check the floor, which is fortunately still intact. ???: My sincere apologies. I shall move it elsewhere and position it more carefully to avoid damaging the floor. Then, he puts the cyborg's body over his shoulder to carry him elsewhere, and proceeds to carefully place the huge chunk of metal in a corner. He lowered himself down to check on the cyborg with a worried look on his face. ???: (After that incident, me and the late Master Hasashi have shut down the Cyber Lin Kuei factory again, alongside
  7. At the same moment, the door of the Warriors' Hangout opens wide. An aged, but robust and oriental-looking man enters the main lobby, while dragging a disabled robot on the ground by the arm who seems to be... LK-8ZP?!? He scans the place around him then turns his head at a nearby Mech-Hisui and asks her a question. ???: Pardon me for my sudden interference... but is it possible for me to request an audience with the owner of this facility? I am in need of some assistance regarding certain matters from him. Then he drops LK-8ZP's arm on the floor, creating a l
  8. I wonder why some people just suddenly stopped going online one day and never came back again, despite being regularly active in the past. What happened to them? Did they pass away? Were they bored and wanted to move on? 

  9. LK-8ZP: You amuse me. The Lin Kuei clan has allowed me to achieve peak performance and get rid of all imperfections from my former self. Their missions hold ultimate meaning and our loyalty is unmovable. He quickly dashed back before pointing his sword at Umbra. LK-8ZP: May I remind you that you and those so-called "guards" were the one who decided to show signs of hostility towards me first. Had you all not resisted, we would have spared your lives... Which is why all of the passengers below are still in one piece. Their death will not be beneficial in any way.
  10. LK-8ZP: Mere puppies cannot stop me. He quickly drew out his sword and slashed upwards from the right, which should hit all of the 5 wolves in the same time before they could react. After slashing them, he pointed his sword at Umbra. LK-8ZP: Emotions are a human's biggest weakness. They interfere with your thinking, making you weak and vulnerable. Then, he instantly dashed at Umbra to close in the space and slashed diagonally upwards from the right. The sword was buzzing with electricity, which would create a thin but long line of electricity that tra
  11. Umbra was right in front of the cyborg, but the cyborg already had an idea to counter his attack. He quickly opened his chest again, revealing another charging bolt, ready to be fired off. LK-8ZP: Foolish and rash. He slightly jumped to allow his feet off the ground, then proceeded to blast the bolt in front of him. The blast would head straight at Umbra while LK-8ZP gets pushed backwards due to the recoil of the attack and the fact that he's airborne, which would allow him to dodge the attack. Super Meter: 0/3 Successfully hitting Umbra will gran
  12. LK-8ZP moved quickly to the third floor, which is the shopping area. The place was deserted after everyone fled to their rooms with their doors shut and their locks tight. He could detect movements from the floor above him, and noticed someone who he presumes to be Rufus to be on there, holding off against two people. LK-8ZP: I'll bring one of them down here to give both of us an equal fight... then finish them off quickly. He readied himself by lowering his center of gravity and opened his chest which revealed a working blue reactor. He charged for a while, formi
  13. As Umbra is retreating, LK-8ZP detects multiple unknown heat sources in the direction Umbra was fleeing to. It would have been an uneven fight if they cornered him, but luckily his companions finally boarded the ship, so he decided against pursuing the runner and let the raiders handle the job instead. LK-8ZP: I have no need to waste my time following you. Instead, you will come to me later... provided that you don't die first under their hands. LK-8ZP climbs off the deck and enter a nearby window left carelessly opened a few floors below, then was met with a woman
  14. Dark theme is the superior light theme. Why? It doesn't blind the fuck out of your eyes when you try to open the forum at 2 AM.

    1. CarmenRider


      This site has a dark theme?

    2. Banksy Boomboom

      Banksy Boomboom

      @BookWormGreen Yeah, scroll down until you reach the bottom of the forum, where you'll find the Theme tab with a few theme options

  15. LK-8ZP was targeted by the charging axe and the two wolves, but they were not dangerous enough for him to deem them as imminent threats. He quickly identified their nature then came up with a solution by taking a few steps back to drag the wolves and the axe closer to him before separating and ejecting all of his body part to the sides to dodge the projectiles. The body parts regroup almost instantly right behind Umbra, then LK-8ZP attempts to grab the axeman with his hands, buzzing with deadly electricity. LK-8ZP: Your attempts are futile. I will put you down right now.
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