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    Request Character: Ohosi Nagisa

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    Hey man, I just wanted to say: thanks a lot for this collection! I recently got into MUGEN and MA doesn't let "inactive users" download more than like 10 files per day from their website (and in weekends inactive users can't even download anything). So thanks a lot for the characters!
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    Daemon Bride

    Click on the author name to download. Red: Offline CHARACTER SELECT Kuon Sumeragi: 匿名スマブラー Kureha Yamisaka: YU-TOHARU Eve: Flowrallia [AH3] / Buyi ("Evelyn"/Edited) Yui Emelia Mitsukihara: Flowrallia [AH3] Judge: Flowrallia [AH3] Pekomaru: Nadagetsu Dies Irae: BoyBoyz / Flowrallia [GG] STAGE SELECT All stages by ExShadow
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    Yuka Takeuchi is maybe the most powerful fighter in the history of Variable Geo tournaments. That's why Miranda Jahana took part of her DNA and her fighting data to create the perfect clone. Known as False Yuka, this clone possesses all of Yuka's skills, but at the service of Miranda and her evil plans. Now, only left to confront Yuka and take the place of the original one. For those ones who follow my projects since long time, this project was proposed years ago, and even when I got some of the char advanced, I never got her finished or at least playable at all. Until now. For those ones who don't know about this, well... I made a rest from my ClayFighter chars to rework in an old project of mine that I quicky finished in a week, my apologies for cannot get her ready before June ends, but here it is anyway :P Now about the character: False Yuka Takeuchi A perfect clone of Yuka, the protagonist of Variable Geo series, made for the Turbo CD version of the first game and Saturn's Advanced Variable Geo 1 as the final boss, which uses Yuka's 2P colors (purple hair and pink outfit instead of brown/orange) as her default palette. Since I love Yuka, instead to make my own version of her, I prefered to make this clone that hasn't a conversion of any type for MUGEN until today. In general, she plays similar to Yuka with some minor differences in moves. Here's what you can find on her: All her basic moves and 6 buttons (3 punches and 3 kicks) Similar gameplay seen in the other girls I made as Shelly Tarlar and Roxy with Capcom's FX and sounds Used XCB's CS SFF for DivineWolf's Yuka Takeuchi and Nyankiryu's Yuka voice and some sounds A megamix of Yuka moves from the entire V.G. series 2 throws, 3 specials, 3 EX moves and 5 supers 12 palettes, one of them based on Yuka, obviously As most of my creations, made under WinMugen but compatible with M1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc., just choose fyuka-m1.def and that's all!!) Screenshots: I hope you like them, she's now part of the Doppelganger Project just as Shelly Tarlar and Roxy, now having enough chars to get their own separate section. Apart of solving bugs, I hope to make special intros and wins against their real counterparts, especially the ones made by DivineWolf (Shelly/Tia, Roxy/Poison and False Yuka/Yuka), maybe next time ;) You wanna fries with that? Characters -> Experiments 07/04/2020 - Version 1.01 -Fixed bug of Idaten Geki moves and others where the opponent can block during the move
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    柊 明

    Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    Added Hideki Nishimura by "WallsRivals".
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    Phantom Blood

    [Lifebar640] SH-Custom

    Original private edit by??? (think it was wiebowappo) and copied by me 12 years ago Edited from woobar by Wooshaq https://www.mediafire.com/file/9zmvpu9pwt6edyv/SH-Custom.rar/file Shit but i have my reasons for posting that i won't get into
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    Alchemist of Atlas

    Unpopular Opinions

    Amen for that.
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    ClayFighter Series

    and adding it under resources is what i did.
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    Manji Ranger Kiavala

    Tatsunoko Productions

    Yatterman-1 by chuchoryu: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uqOS0bKLJj0Jv-D9L0UEQg56lnO-n8Sg/view
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    ClayFighter Series

    I found this: Simpsons Dumper ripped all Sculptor's Cut sounds, to be added in Resources or Add-ons
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    柊 明

    Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    Dark green - Most Accurate Light green - Custom Orange - Edit Red - Offline Purple - Collection Purpose Akira Yuuki (by Ryon ll by LarsMasters ll by Ghost Killer ll by サナエオャd ェiィスソユ "Kung-Fu Akira") Selvaria Bles (by 41 (1.1 only) II by Kohaku) Kirito (by Sennou-Room ll by Bgrsb6 II by Zanga) Asuna Yuuki (by 41 (1.1 only) ll by Shin Mako ll by Air_MUGEN ll by Sennou-Room II by Kohaku II by Sennou-Room "Asuna.EXE" II by Sennou-Room "Asuna Kimono") Taiga Aisaka (by Websta (1.1 only) II by Air_MUGEN ll by Kohaku ll by Basara-kun ll by Barbatos "kinni") Shizuo Heiwajima (by Ultra fatality ll by Websta (1.1 only) II by 阿修-克里门森) Yukina Himeragi (by rakurai ll by Sennou-Room II by aki II by Shengdai II by ZET) Mikoto Misaka (by BeterHans II by OHMSBY II by 阴虛道长 ll by S.Y) Kirino Kousaka (by YU-TOHARU ll by Kohaku) Miyuki Shiba (by rakurai ll by Kohaku) Shana (by Websta (1.1 only) II by ZET II by Kohaku II by Infernal Spectre "Blademaster" II by Rebi24 "Scarlet and Blue") Rentaro Satomi (by Walruslui IIby Hellzone ll by Kohaku) Tomoka Minato (by Websta (1.1 only) II by Gondwana "FF-Tomoka" II by Infantry00 II by Mother Earth "Moe-Moe Rebellion") Kuroyukihime (by Kohaku II by ???) Yuuki (by Sennou-Room II by sandaime "Zekken Yuuki" and Yuki Takeya II by Kira) Tatsuya Shiba (by Ryon (WIP) II by brinhyldr/alternative link) Ako (by Sennou-Room II by C) Emi Yusa (by Sektor II by Kohaku) Kuroko Shirai (by OHMSBY II by honegami_touge II by S.Y.) PLAYABLE ASSISTS Orihara Izaya by LUNE Orihara Izaya by 月上行者 Kuroneko by Sennou-Room Accelerator by "muko" Hideki Nishimura by "WallsRivals" Kojou Akatsuki by "Kira5472" Add-ons Lifebars by "DartzPie" [1280x720] (1.1 only). Lifebars by "YU-TOHARU" [640x480] (winMUGEN only). Patch for YU-TOHARU's lifebars by Ryoucchi (1.0 and 1.1). Lifebars by "hloader" [640x480]. "Moves cancel" patch for Akira Yuuki "Ryon". AI patch for Asuna "41". AI patch for Asuna "Shin Mako". AI patch for Kirino "YU-TOHARU". AI patch for Yukina "aki". AI patch for Kirito "Sennou-Room". AI patch for Kirito "Bgrsb6". AI patch for Shana "Kohaku". AI patches for Kohaku's characters by Holn. K_AI (Kirino), M_AI (Miyuki) S_AI (Shana), T_AI (Taiga) AI patches for Kohaku's characters by shao. AI patches for Kohaku's characters by Boomer. (Asuna, Kuroyukihime, Miyuki, Selvaria) AI patches for Kohaku's characters by Ikaruga. (Shana, Selvaria) AI patch for Kirito "Sennou-Room". 1.0 patch for Sennou-Room's Ako by Hyde233. AI patches for Mikoto and Kuroko "OHMSBY" by Holn. AI patch for Tomoka "Infantry00" by Holn.
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    Note: all of the characters below are made exclusively for MUGEN 1.1 engine. CHARACTER SELECT Mostima: AMICE&黄昏 || Noir Corne & Castle-3 by 雨树樱枫险FXNULL
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    Samurai Shodown Collection

    Here's some reuploads for characters that are offline or have dead links in the OP. I've put them under spoilers, just cuz it's a bit more than usual.
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    Megaman Classic Series

    Megaman Classic Series Collection This is my first collection on MFFA, based on Guild Database section I made recently and adapted to the style of various collections here. I hope you like it 😉 Red is offline, Yellow is WIP, Green is AI only and Blue is edited. Feel free to post characters aren't included here, correct things in collection, add links for offline characters or state if you're working on some of them as WIPs. PS: Calamix's offline chars aren't (and won't) be included here since it's very unprobable those ones can be found, unless there's a link for them. So please don't ask about some of his chars to be included here unless you got the link for it. Thanks n_n PS2: As said in MMX thread, Cesarsombra's chars are most (if not all) spriteswaps, get them for collection purposes only. Megaman 1-6 characters (NES) Megaman/Rockman: Thomas Hsieh (MM2) / Ahuron (MM4) / VinceJ / Shimon (MM6) / KhMaIBQ (MM2) / Tanicfan22 / Rico (scale2X) / KingPepe (scale4x) Protoman/Blues: Calamix (MM3) Dr. Wily: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Sniper Joe: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Metool Bombman: Dxwho Cutman: KM / Omega32able Elecman: PyramidHead87 / Dxwho / MakaiBros Fireman: Dxwho / Roberto22 Gutsman: Dxwho / Roberto22 Iceman: Roberto22 Missing/To be made: Yellow Devil Airman: KhMaIBQ / Gamerduck13 Bubbleman: KhMaIBQ Crashman: KhMaIBQ Flashman: KhMaIBQ Heatman: KhMaIBQ Metalman: KhMaIBQ / VinceJ Quickman: KhMaIBQ / J.K Woodman: KhMaIBQ Mecha Dragon: N-Mario Hardman: Calamix Needleman: Calamix Shadowman: Calamix / ShadowMan & MegaMan X4 (Wily Wars) Snakeman: Calamix Sparkman: Calamix Topman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Geminiman, Magnetman, Breakman Diveman: Roberto22 Drillman: Roberto22 Pharaohman: Dxwho Ringman: Calamix Skullman: ArchaicGamer (aka Mature4evr) / Roberto22 Toadman: Ahuron / Neon Tiger (Copy Toadman & Meta Toadman) Missing/To be made: Brightman, Dustman Octopus Furnace: Mugendude26 Crystalman: Roberto22 Gyroman: Alexandre Napalmman: Dxwho Starman: Calamix Waveman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Chargeman, Gravityman, Stoneman, Darkman Blizzardman: Shimon Centaurman: Shimon Flameman: ShoShingo / Shimon Knightman: Shimon Plantman: ShoShingo / Shimon Power Megaman/Rockman: Anikiti Tomahawkman: MegaMan X4 / Shimon Windman: Shimon Yamatoman: Shimon Missing/To be made: Jet Megaman/Rockman Megaman 16/32-bits characters (MM7-MM8-MM&B) Bass/Forte: ShoShingo (MM7) - Asakumo (MM8) / Hunter_eXe: MM7 - MM&B / True Bass (MM&B) / Bawiterry (MM&B) / VictorSSJ (MM&B) Megaman/Rockman: Kitamin (MM7) / GatoSoft S.A. (MM8) / Hunter_eXe (MM8) / Basara-kun (MM&B, scale2X) / Karter (MM8, SSB style) Metool: N-Mario (MM7, scale2X) / Blue B-Sky (MM8) Protoman/Blues: Hunter_eXe (MM8) Sniper Joe: Omega32able (MM8) Missing/To be made: Dr. Wily (MM7/MM8), Protoman/Blues (MM7), Sniper Joe (MM7), Super Bass/Forte (MM7/MM8) Burstman: Roberto22 Cloudman: Roberto22 Freezeman: DiegomanX5 / Hunter_eXe (NES ver.) Junkman: Alexandre Slashman: Shimon Springman: Calamix Missing/To be made: Turboman, Shademan, Gutsman G, S-Adapt Megaman/Rockman Hannya-NED: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Mad Grinder: Basara-kun Mash: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Truck Joe: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Van Pookin: MABS-KMK (scale2X) Aquaman: Emiliano Palleres Astroman: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Clownman: Emiliano Palleres Cutman: Heyakes / PabloSSB / Calamix Duo: Heyakes Frostman: Lord Sinistro - Dark Luigi / Emiliano Palleres (NES ver.) Grenademan: Emiliano Palleres / Calamix Rocket Tank: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Searchman: Emiliano Palleres Swordman: Revengemaster Tenguman: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) / Jojo Fu (MM&B) Woodman: Heyakes Burnerman: Heyakes / Jojo Fu Coldman: Calamix / Shimon Dynamoman: Cesarsombra Green Devil: Ayce78 / Roberto22 Groundman: Omega32able Hogale: N-Mario King: Heyakes / DiegomanX5 / Calamix Magicman: Heyakes / Calamix Pirateman: Heyakes Megaman 9-10 characters (WiiWare/PSN/XBLA) Dr. Wily: Emiliano Palleres Megaman/Rockman: Emiliano Palleres (MM9) Protoman/Blues: Emiliano Palleres (MM10) Sniper Joe: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Metool, Bass/Forte, Helmetless Megaman Concreteman: Emiliano Palleres Fakeman: Emiliano Palleres / MegaMan X4 Galaxyman: Emiliano Palleres Hornetman: Emiliano Palleres Jewelman: Emiliano Palleres Magmaman: Emiliano Palleres Plugman: Emiliano Palleres / MegaMan X4 Splashwoman: Emiliano Palleres Tornadoman: Emiliano Palleres Blademan: Cesarsombra Chillman: Cesarsombra Commandoman: Cesarsombra Nitroman: Cesarsombra Pumpman: Cesarsombra Sheepman: Emiliano Palleres Solarman: Mothra67 Strikeman: Cesarsombra Megaman GB (Rockman World) characters Ballade: Mugendude26 Enker: Roberto22 Punk: Roberto22 Quint: Basara-kun Missing/To be made: Megaman/Rockman Mars: Roberto22 & Emiliano Palleres Mercury: Calamix & Boilman Sungod: Roberto22 / Ahuron Terra: SpaceMouse Missing/To be made: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Venus Special Edited Characters Coldman NES: Hunter_eXe Cutman V: SesakaTH Magicman NES: Emiliano Palleres (needs image) Megaman Zelda: Calamix Pocket Bass: Omega32able & Mariotime (needs image) Pocket Roll: Hunter_eXe Rocket Tank NES: Emiliano Palleres Saiyajin (Dragon Ball Z): Tako X (MMX Command Mission): MegaMan X4 ZX Antique (MMZX): The_Virus_X Note: NES versions of MM7-8 chars aren't included here because they're from Rockman 7-8 FC doujin games Marvel NES chars by bdc: Gladiatorman - Kaineman - Modokman - Novaman - Skrullman Falco Lombardi (Star Fox): Tako / DarkWolf13 & Walruslui Fireman: The_Virus_X (MM8) - Asakumo (MM7) Fox McCloud (Star Fox): YochiThMaster333 (needs image) Knightman MM8: Eloco (needs image) Needleman MM8: Emiliano Palleres Pharaohman MM8: Emiliano Palleres Roll: Calamix & Laspacho (MM7/PF) / Zetah & TheMegaFBX (MM8) Skullman: Heyakes (MM7) / Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Wolf O'Donnell (Star Fox): BigShadowOfAll (needs image) Gamerizer (resprited): Kamekaze (MM7) Hornetman (redrawn): Iron Commando (MM9) Metool Boss/Daddy (resprited): O Ilusionista & RamzaNeko (MM4) General Missing Characters Characters from Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha (Wonderswan) Most characters from Megaman: The Wily Wars (Genesis) Characters from Megaman PC games (MM1, MM3: The Robots are Revolting) Calamix's offline characters, not mentioned here as said above Characters from Megaman Doujin Games (Unlimited, Rockman 7-8 FC, Street Fighter X Megaman, etc.), to be added soon Characters from Megaman Powered Up, to be added soon... Other MUGEN Stuff Stages: Magma Dragoon MK-2 / Basara-kun / Hunter_eXe (MM&B) / PabloSSB / Kung Fu Man (Powered Up) / MABS-KMK / MDI / VinceJ / N-Mario / O Ilusionista (MM6) / Bawiterry (MM&B) / Enscripture Lifebars: Basara-kun (MM1-6) / Omega32able (MM8) Screenpacks: Emiliano Palleres (MM8) Fullgames: Emiliano Palleres (MM9) / KhMaIBQ (MM1-6) / N-Mario (Megaman vs. Zero) Resources Sprites Rips from Sprite, Inc: Classic Series Sprite Rips from Spriters Resource: Random Talking Bush (MM9 - MM10) Sprite Rips from Sprite Database: Various Authors (MM1 - MM2 - MM3 - MM4 - MM5 - MM6 - MM7 - MM8 - MM&B) Music from Sprite Database: Darkmew5 (MM1) / SuperFlomm (MM2) Sound Rips: Enscripture Missing: Enscripture Sprite Rips (all offline) Other Megaman Collections in MFFA Megaman X Collection by Basara-kun Megaman Arcade (Power Battle/Fighters) Collection by Miru MVC Recreated Fighters in Marvel vs. Capcom Guest Fighters Collection by Gui007 Old and outdated Collection by Ryon (with MMX, MMZ, MMBN and other series) That's all by now. As I said in the beginning, I hope you like it
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    You know, I'm very busy with MUGEN (and other stuff like Cosplay and Facebook and Discord and stuff) so I get me occupied and not losing my head because of the lockdown, so I was thinking... I don't make much stages, and I released just a few of them. So why not to release the few unreleased stuff I have already? Well, I made various stages I got in my PC I never released before, just made for my own entertainment (since I'm not good making them) and you probably have seen various of them in my screenshots for my chars. But these days I was thinking to make a better use of them by releasing them so you can play with them too Don't expect awesome stuff, all are simple stages with no animations or super jumps, mostly made by Cybaster's stage maker since I was bored and just made them XD but maybe you could like them too, who knows Yie-Ar Kung Fu - Stage 1 When I was playing this in my NES emulator one day, I thought it could be a good idea for a MUGEN stage, so I did it :P it's scaled so you can play as in the game's arena instead of a simple 320x240 square :P MM1 Cutman Stage A separate project I made from MM boss stages (don't remember if I did it before or after those stages), it's a recreation of one of the zones of Cutman's stage from the very first NES game. In the moment I wanted to be animated, with Megaman passing the stage and those annoying flying robots after him, but I got lazy and never did them Empty Valley As with some of my chars, I usually collect sheets from sprite pages and later I converted to MUGEN just for fun. This is one of them, a stage from DBZ Supersonic Warriors that I converted into a loooooong stage just because I wanted to XD Meteor Storm A stage I tried to make from Mortal Kombat Armageddon, it's from a static image so don't expect the "meteor storm" seen in the game or other anims... oh, and don't expect HD/3D/other stuff here, it was made for my DOSM originally My dog Sonny A homage to my Sonny (aka Santino), a golden retriever dog I got with my ex-wife (but lived in ex-mother-in-law's house). Technically it was from her, but I also adopted as mine and was my favourite mascot, so I took that photo and I made him as a stage (with double jump) in 2012. Sadly he passed away few months after I got separated (in 2019, he had 13yo), but at least I got this playable memory of him. Originally called as "Juguetes" (Toys in Spanish) since chars are seen like living toys playing around Sonny 27F Series A bunch of static photos converted into stages in 2010 for the big 2010 Earthquake happened here in my country Chile. It was supposed to be released in that year as a king of homage to this Chilean catastrophe, but I only released one of them and for a limited time. Now, you'll get all of them in one pack ;) Since these were made for fun and just for me, don't expect complicated stuff like parallax, super jump (except in some of them XD), music, animations or even a M1.0 special def (but they're also compatible BTW). Just don't use them in M1.1, they'll probably screw up thanks to the zoom stuff, but in M1.0 could run well AFAIK. Forget the arrow, go to Stages section, bro
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    This is an edit of Devon's Megamix Black Edition you can find his stuff here - https://mugenguild.com/forum/profile/president-devon-84432 or here - https://network.mugenguild.com/devon/ This is a 1280x720 Screenpack, that requires OpenGL and 1.1b, it's also Animation Heavy so make sure your PC is decent. From Devon's readme file "This is a screenpack made for MUGEN 1.1. It's a deliberately unfinished April Fools joke I made to advertise my actual next project "Street Fighter Remix Turbo". Every year for the past 3 or so years I've tried to finish this screenpack for April 1 but each time I fail. I mainly fail because I've moved on from the project and things like the animation style and my old Group Order Framework mean nothing to me now." What this edit does is -Use the Megamix HD Remix bars, and fightfx -change the p2 portrait to face the opposite direction -adds portrait boxes to the versus screen -readjusts some window values -removes all traces of the April Fools screen -adds a victory screen -removes all unused content With this screenpack, a stage based entirely off the Menu is included. Here is a Google Drive link -https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Le556Ii7BCyvSYj2VnmZgxPLxRjpwz81/view?usp=sharing and here is a Gamebanana Mirror if the Google Drive link doesn't work -https://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/9954 Note: I forgot to clear the select.def before uploading, whoops.. it's an easy thing to do anyways, VSelect is suggested for adding/removing characters.
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    @Ryou thank you so much Ryou -san
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    Look TheWhiteDevil27 i respect you but you hadn't to do this since social media exists... also we don't want more Status Update Drama ok?
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    Daemon Bride

    There's an edit (or atleast shares the sprites of) Eve called Evelyn, by Buyi https://www.mediafire.com/file/e8rm6e85l4lffdm/Evelyn.rar/file Also: dies-irae-deus-guilty-gear-style-released-by-flowrallia-2017-03-14
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    PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/nbe43ug268a08st/Kojou_Akatsuki.zip/file (Comes with versions to 1.0 and 1.1) INFO Kira5472 shared his version of the Kojou Akatsuki, the male protagonist from Strike the Blood, based on his appearance in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. Just to clarify that Kojou is a zoner character, which means that he performs only attacks at distance (except the Kiffa Ater super). Also he has no air and crouching attacks.
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    An user in Mugenguild found a bug about opponent can block during Idaten Geki moves and other ones. Well, no more. An itty-bitty update has been done, if you suffered with that, then now False Yuka has been updated fixing that stuff ;)
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    Hi, how are you guys? The truth is that working at Mugens became my quarantine hobby haha. Today I leave this one of the best comic heroes of all time, Spider-Man. The game, in addition to the classic Mugen modes, includes a story mode. Obviously with Spidey as the protagonist. There is also a special Venom chapter. It comes with about 30 characters and about 30 stages with music. And just like I said with Mortal Kombat Mugen, if any battle becomes too difficult for them, they just press F1 and move forward in the story. The characters and stages are not mine, I just put the game together with Story Mode. The plot is not faithful to any 100% Spidey timeline or universe, I just kept taking certain parts and skins until the game left. I leave you a video and the LINK below: LINK https://www.mediafire.com/file/qzx164bnhd3ejn2/Spider-Man_M.U.G.E.N_Game_by_Manoleto16.rar/file -In the folder "Comics" inside the folder of the game, there is a file of type "ico", that the icon that I made of the game for direct access. -Sorry for my bad english, I still learning the language Hope you enjoy it!
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    ClayFighter Series

    Found some rare stuff: -In Shadowtak's archived page found a couple of stages available: CF2 Camp Catastrophe - CFTE N.Boss stage (maybe download and host them before the links go down eventually) -According to MUGEN Wiki, Dchan250 edited Shadowtak's Blob but it's offline found it when I was writing this XD: CF1 Blob -Looking in his CF pack, Xandegraf made edited versions of some characters, mostly from 63 1/3. I tested them and made separate downloads to be added as edits (or in miscellaneous along with my HoboCop): T-Sarge (T-Hoppy) - Kung Fu Evil (Kung Pow) - Macumban (Houngan) - Bad Clay (N.Boss) EDIT: Enscripture's CF stages are still downloadable!! All Blob, Taffy and Frosty (except CF1) stages from the first 2 games and CFTE are available :D
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    As someone has interest to make them. But not right now at that moment. I suppose you're not the right man to rip them, code them and convert them to mugen.
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    HE'S FINALLY HERE!! Ranno, The Poisonous Pacifist from Rivals of Aether has now officially made his way into MUGEN! To be honest, I was kinda expecting people to make the RoA cast sooner thanks to their popular Steam Workshop content, with it being considered as "MUGEN except Smash-style". Nonetheless, I am proud of the work I put into my first stand-alone character and I hope you are too. Screenshots: As always, feedback is much appreciated. Thank you and see ya later! Download him here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x9VRmuYHK6PRXR6hvpMSFPCpBjdG4Mjs Or from my website: http://joeythetricky.wixsite.com/mugen/ranno
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    Variable Geo Series

    added False Yuka.
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    MARVEL VS CAPCOM ALL GENERATIONS BY MAZEMERALD hi MAZEMERALD i reupload here to let a backup on the internet ok https://www.andersonkenya1.net/files/file/3964-marvel-vs-capcom-all-generations-by-mazemerald-ramon-garcia/ MARVEL VS CAPCOM ALL GENERATIONS BY MAZEMERALD [full gameplay until finish the game] is ready to play i unpack the files and let ready to play for who is new in mugen or don't know do this ok. Thanks again for share this amazing mugen game MAZEMERALD
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    Reviving Variable Geo in MUGEN!! False Yuka Takeuchi was released, you wanna fries with that? :3
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    1st Special Battle in AI Tag/Team Match.
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    5th Special Battle in AI Tag/Team Match.
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    4th Special Battle in AI Tag/Team Match.
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    appreciate the finds.
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    wamuu v2 too http://www.mediafire.com/file/r80kd8qk3k0c8ee/Wamuu.rar/file
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    Greetings, everyone.

    hello, I am JtheSaltyy. I am a MUGEN creator who primarily makes CvS2 related characters. I’ve decided to try and get these characters known to all Mugen sites available. In my down time, I also like to enjoy composing classical music, and playing the piano and violin. I also play a wide variety of fighting games, with Capcom vs. SNK 2 being my favorite of the bunch. I hope you are all doing well, as I am to remain a positive and outgoing, peaceful individual. I only wish to better the Mugen community, and be a person of value to those in it. I hope you all have a good day.
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    Hi All!

    I've been out of the MUGEN game for some time; it would be nice to get involved again. Nice to see that there still is a community for it.
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    are you trying to port characters from a full game to regular mugen? that seems like the case here.
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    Thanks bro. Fixed.
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    So why exactly am I muted ?

    The fact that you even don't realize what you did to get cut off from posting status updates says plenty. Those questions you just asked are fucking hilarious coming from you. It shows how much of a hypocrite you truly are. You want the community to not censor the truth as long as it's your truth, right? People decide to criticize a character and explain why it's terrible, but you have to come in and tell those people they're in the wrong for doing so. You want the truth? As you are right now, you're a cancer in the community that wants to stick to the old ways. You're a cancer that wants to prevent others from improving by denying criticism because you can't handle it yourself and want to "save" others from it. You don't even realize how harmful this actually is instead choosing to delude yourself into believing you're doing a service to the community. Take your own damn advice, you hypocrite.
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    ClayFighter Series

    Butch has been released, so update the thread, WIMP!!
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    everyone has realized that since MA was born but nobody dares to say a thing because: - if you say a thing in MA against MA you get banned, this is obvious... if you say "thief!" to the thief in his own house... how do you expect him to treat you ? - if you say a thing against MA in other places, you get some warning like "don't incite mugen community wars". this kind of fake politeness only helps such criminals get away with it. But the fact is that MA can't be considered as a community. 1) It's a warehouse managed by thieves, who holds the fake ideology of "MUGEN preservation" to keep accumulating stuff and monetize on it. They're making money out of other people's hard work, and that's just what parasites do. They also justify themselves with the other fake ideology of "server costs". Other excuses they find: "free stuff" (yeah, if it's so "free" then why are they earning from them ? "free" means no money involved and they make tons of it). 2) They literally force people to post in the community. What kind of community forces its members to post? They say it's because downloaders (also humiliated with the label of "leechers") need to show some respect and gratitude. This is hypocritical victimism: they steal and they pretend to be honored... but they should be shamed and blamed. They want to look like Robin Hoods, but they're just Charles Mansons. Nobody likes them, nobody likes to stay in their community. All the politeness and "fun" in there belongs to ganging trolls and succubus collaborationists which have no guts to speak the truth and no other places to stay. Like sheeps in a farm, conformized and scared by the brutality of their punishments. How could you call this a "community" ? It's a dictatorship with no freedom of speech. Please, stop calling it a community, don't commit such mistake. I talked myself privately to one of their moderators, and the most I was able to discover is that you must be silent and obedient to their organization or else you get banned. Literally I was told "It's better for you to not know". This is usually what lies in obscure businesses: conspiracy of silence, omertà, mafia. Therefore, MA is not a "community". It's just a masked business, a scam. It's a capitalist dream, using the mask of communist ideology ("sharing is caring", "preservation of MUGEN", "cure to 404" and all the rest of propaganda lies by which they justify themselves on and on). We all knew that since the beginning, but we didn't speak because we felt afraid. And the guys at MA probably don't even realize this, as much as any psychopath doesn't realize to be a psychopath. They're just like " Why saying such things? It's just a game, stop this drama already!" Nope, it's not just a game. Minimizing all the time people spend making their creations is an ungrateful insult... and the authors who support them are just immoral hypocrites looking for easy alliances (and what's easier than finding a common enemy to build an alliance?). So, if you really want to beat MA, you have to build another archive, better than theirs, then un-register, delete all your uploads from there and join a new archive. It's just nonsense. Just don't go to MA, don't post there, don't upload in there. They're mafia, you will take part to their bloody business if you take part to it, believe it or not. It's not time to be naive anymore, it's time to realize who you're dealing with and they're no good. Download from authors' official sites only... and if you can't get that char you're looking for, then lurk more on the internet, ask for it to other members in other forums... but not on MA, never, not even once.
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    ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Wow! This Screenpack Is Amazing, Yo! This Is Why MUGEN Is Fun Because You Meet Amazing People From Around The World That Share Their Passions For MUGEN! 10/10! Awesome Job On This Screenpack, EmperorDjShadow And OldGamer! (o^.^)-b
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    Can you add Prosciutto and Weather Report from BlackDrifterz?
  43. 1 point

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    sure i can.
  44. 1 point
    can you add Bruno Bucciarati from Dry -Mugen?
  45. 1 point

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    can't believe i missed that one, should be added now alongside the original version by VanguardMugen.
  46. 1 point
    How about the Fugo edit by AgustinREYES?
  47. 1 point

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    that really helped a brother out, thanks! Update: - Leone Abbacchio by El Usuario Sonico - Gyro Zeppeli by Team Pizza Muzarella - Diego Brando (Scary Monster) by mixychan
  48. 1 point

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    update: - Jotaro by LautyCarp - Avdol by Planeptune Arte - Kosaku-Kira by Dry-Mugen - Giorno by Knightmare404 - Giorno by Knightmare404, edited by Matt Mugen - Johnny Joestar by Mixychan
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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JUS Styled

    no problemo. i' and my partner have also finished re-uploading everything we believe needed to be re-uploaded, so the collection is pretty much done (for the time being at least)
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    Okay so in the skill cns, Remove the following that i posted below and all of your problems should be fixed Remove this [3200] [state 3200, 9] type = LifeAdd trigger1 = var(32) = 1 trigger1 = AnimElemTime(6) >= 0 && pos Y >= -10 value = -ceil(LifeMax/16) ;-62 persistent = 0 [state 3200, 10] type = LifeSet trigger1 = var(32) = 1 trigger1 = AnimElemTime(6) >= 0 && pos Y >= -10 trigger1 = Life <= 0 value = 1 persistent = 0 Remove This State No [3450] [state 3450, 3] type = Lifeadd trigger1 = time = 0 value = -45 Remove This State No [3611] [state 3611, Life1] type = TargetLifeAdd trigger1 = time <= 200 value = -1 [state 3611, Life2] type = TargetLifeAdd trigger1 = time = 320 value = -50 Also Remove this code trigger1 = target,Life > 0 you can hit Ctrl + F and look for that code and remove it everywhere you find it
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