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  2. Hate to bump, but, Maybe his characters are just intentionally bad, and that's his style, which explains why he didn't want to improve, because that would mean getting rid of his style. If that's true, then this may just be a misinterpreted case of Stylistic Suck. (Although I don't know if that's actually true or not)
  3. Definitely looking forward to it, as we have NOT have Pencilmation characters in MUGEN yet. I can see potential within you, all I can say is, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Here's Pencilmate (from Pencilmation) in MUGEN, but its to W.I.P some better custom sprites and also here: He's coming to MUGEN soon.
  5. Speaking of color seperation, I had a template ready! Go nuts!
  6. Almost 2 years since I last used this... Nonetheless, I wanted to confirm my latest WIP, Kyoko from the Kunio-kun series, as she appears in River City Girls. (Note: palette shown to the right was shown on Twitter and MFG and might not be in the final product.) Her moveset was lifted from the actual game, and isn't limited like the MvC one. I have 4 out of the (I believe this is what I planned) 8 specials and 3 hypers (might change) done (one special is partially done). I'll be sharing more progress soon. There is also a color seperation project underway for her, but I might not finish that for a while. I started on her in Febuary using vanilla KFM as a base, and restarted almost a few weeks after using a really basic template, feeling a 4-button playstyle similar to UMvC3 would fit her better.
  7. Cure Rouge by Xjuninho: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NW8vKyLBRZNySOQCefB3sZSBYQ0slFf0/view Cure White by Macks: https://mega.nz/file/pN9VQAiK#nJJ-DxCPdG6QITuTw3BbJNbPHMo0DP06hHc3X5DqtpI
  8. why would you ask this in first place? everything that happens off site does not fall under our jurisdiction, and therefore we have no obligation to help you with that.
  9. Basara-kun

    Azur Lane

    Oh, it's a game?? I just know about Azur Lane for the cosplayers :P
  10. Retaking this: Added all the stuff by Eduardo Merenda (except Chuchoryu's Fio, which link is offline) Added some stuff I found like some Kyoko chars and Lilly Kane's WIP Found Kim Sue-Il, but the author released him on MA, so I hope someone can got it from there to get the link Added some sprites/gifs for some of the chars who need images
  11. Ryou

    Azur Lane

    you don't simply request a character to be made for you, lil' fella. that's not how things work around here.
  12. If the Uno characters have seperate data that don't allow them to tag, then use those. I don't really use tag characters anyway (or look for a way to disable it if so), so I'm not the best here.
  13. Please make Columbia, Unicorm, Laffey & ร‰mile Bertin.
  14. Abandon Archive and look for Mugen content from the actual Author's site/links. Don't bother asking why you were banned or that it was unfair or that you didn't do anything. They don't care and the fact that you're even here is enough to convince them to keep it perma banned. Yes, they're that petty. No, you're never getting unbanned from Archive. You're done.
  15. It's another way of saying "You have been banned". Therefore, you can't do anything about it.
  16. I was on MUGEN archive to get my status up to new challenger to increase downloading capacity so I can archive more MUGEN content to another site when I got hit with this. Your account is currently waiting redemption following hate comments you may have posted about our community or website. The MUGEN ARCHIVE has been victim of defamation, bashing and harassment campaigns since 2016. You have contributed to these campaigns, perhaps unknowingly. You can see this message because we believe you may not be irredeemable, so now we expect you to undo or repair the harm you have done. If you understand the situation, please start a thread in the purgatory forum to ask how you can redeem your account. Can anyone help me with this and if so, how?
  17. Yesterday
  18. CALL ME DADDY All basic moves for Frosty are ready!! All his basic punches and kicks are done and he's 100% playable, now making the sprites for his special moves and then I can start in his supers and the combo system. Also thinking to make an arrange version of him in a future with his moves from C1/C2 with new palettes, wouldn't be a bad idea at all
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu1q9csxTqQ
  20. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] IT'S POINTYYYYYYYY!!!! [COMMENT] Dropping another update on ya for the culture. Added some more sprites and increased the bounds to give the superjump more...well jump. Should still work on all versions of mugen. Click dat link.
  21. and adding it under resources is what i did.
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