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Guidelines Update: MUST READ

This announcement is no longer active


Recently, we have been seeing an influx of people attempting to register multiple accounts (three or more, in the majority of cases). Even when taking the recent issue of new accounts not receiving confirmation emails into account, the number of multiple accounts still continues to grow, some of whom later turned out to be certain individuals who had been previously banned from our forums. As a result of this, we felt it necessary to update our forum guidelines to impose stricter penalties on users found to be engaging in this type of behavior. After discussion among staff, Section 1.6 of our Guidelines has been amended as follows:




We only allow one account per user.  Too many people abuse multiple accounts to evade bans, or to avoid damaging their reputations on their main accounts when harassing other members.  We apologize if this inconveniences anyone, but it's a necessary security precaution.  

In the event that we find a member with a second account, it will be merged with their first account without warning.  The older account will remain. In the event we find multiple (more than two) accounts, the oldest account will remain, and the user will receive multiple warnings for each extra account.

   Violation = 1 warning point per extra account, expires in 1 year



Previously, if a person was found to have multiple accounts, those accounts would be merged and the person would only receive a single warning point regardless of how many accounts they had, with extra infractions only occurring should they continue to engage in this behavior in the future. With the change to our guidelines, a person found to have multiple accounts will now receive separate infractions for each account. TL;DR: If you register 4 or more accounts within a short amount of time, all accounts will be merged and your primary (first) account will now receive 3 or more infraction points, which will trigger our automatic ban system.


To clarify, this rule also applies to new accounts attempting to register and not receiving a confirmation email. If you fail to receive a confirmation email, you must contact a staff member on our Discord server to assist you. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REGISTER A SECOND ACCOUNT! YOUR PRIMARY ACCOUNT WILL RECEIVE AN INFRACTION!

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