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Click the link below images (do not click the image themselves) to get the desired version of the characters.

Color guide: Blue is custom gameplay. Yellow is WIP. Red is offline. If anyone have any of the offline characters, we'll appreciate it if you could post a new link.



Select Your Character



    Anna by Kayui Uma || Dragon by Kayui Uma, by Suigin [SKM], by DHQ [SKM] || Henri by Kayui Uma || Mora by Kayui Uma


Ruili Kong by Kayui Uma, by Uso=Bidan




Saya by Kayui Uma || Al-Azif by YU-TOHARU || Natsumi Aihara by YU-TOHARU || Ein by Juke Kisaragi || Ignis by Juke Kisaragi




Kaigen by Juke Kisaragi || Saber by AR, by Juke Kisaragi, by SXVector [Melty Blood] || Another Blood by AkagiK, by Sakuraka



Select Your Character


Ruili Kong by fengkkkkkkkkk [HNK]




Another Blood by Miyabi || A-Kaigen by Oyaji



K_Saber by KFC? || GoddessSaber by Setsuna: Revision 1 - Revision 2 - Revision 3 - H. Regular Saber || Saber Alter by End



Select Your Stages

Anna's, Dragon's, Henri's, Mora's, Saya's & Ruili's Stage by Kayui Uma || Ein's, Ignis', Kaigen's and Saber's Stage by Juke Kisaragi 


Another Blood's Stage by AkagiK



Select Your Add-Ons

Screenpack / Lifebars: Nitro Royale Lifebars by Kohaku [Winmugen+/320x240] || Nitroplus Blasterz Lifebars by Hloader [Mugen 1.0/640x480]

Sprite Patches: Sprite Patch for AkagiK's Another Blood

AI Patches: Kayui Uma's Saya || Kayui Uma's Dragon || Juke's Kaigen & Ignis || Juke's Ein || YU-TOHARU's Al-Azif & Anna

Sprite Rips: Nitroplus Blasterz Sprite Rips by KDT


Releases | Deviantart | Tumblr | Twitter

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all link with office.live is dead please fix it

Signature removed for violation of rules.

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AI Patch for:

Saya: http://www.geocities.jp/onndoxuru/pai.html

Kaigen: http://www.geocities.jp/st_exupery2734/

ein: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8uv6989002y7bg/J_ein_ai.zip?dl=0

The patch for Anna and Al-Azif doesn't work which I'm disappointed about, because I need more maids with brutal AI to make my video. There's patches for Henri, Mora, Natsumi and Ignis but their offline.

Edit: I contacted the creator of the AI patch for Anna and Al-Azif and he said you have to replace the Def file with the new one. Delete the original Def file that comes with the character and rename the new Def file that comes with the AI patch, from "anna_ai" ---> "anna". https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=c16cc6737a6cda03&sc=documents&id=C16CC6737A6CDA03!107

Mugen Main: Yuki Morikawa & Rina Ogata

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The web service used for Kayui Uma's site has ended just recently, so you may need to reupload all his/her characters and stages.

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