Futaba Channel Emoticons

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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.



TutRhuM.gif        7Sejtff.gif        5vnBkUq.gif        o16r4zG.gif        2HLKzXT.gif         wwCcq4T.gif     VjHbMS7.gif    ljaAl6u.gif    NGzKP16.gif   SAT1ftr.gif    c3MKo17.gif

Gikoneko Moraler / Uraler / Syobo-N / Pororo / Youkanman by Epigon || Nantekottai by Otto || Mona by Amazake || Tsu~ by Pkrs || Nyu by Kasu || Owata by Otto


rvLkyY2.gif     TeYn4Gl.gif     u7eikxK.gif      e0hyfK7.gif       3CF4zci.gif          7Sejtff.gif         GAsbxD5.gif         sTzCXTB.gif       TwN9Ddd.gif

 Yaruo by Ouchi || Syobon by :3  || Bulldozer by Rien || Zonu by Asasin || Gikoneko  by 2cheneler, by CreamyGoodness || Gyakusatuzou by Ahosamaaaa


 Manny by Apelao || Scene by Unknown Author || Anaroguma by Hanbahan, by Thundr-Knight (Pedo Bear)


rG7LYQU.png        eoqbs4R.gifSOArqUd.gifMjpFuZr.gif

SAITAMA by ryu1sou || Usapi / EX-UsapiBoon by Kumasao



gktRHw8.png EQe7VgG.png 3MXmCBB.png PZoIeO6.png 6eI2BBu.png rEXgjGD.png EGDOn2S.png oONzhIp.png JgOo1M5.png v5lsVUJ.png HGPZAj5.png bOVIkUc.png


Moraler  / Tsu~ / Gikoneko Wassyoi / Mona / 8Mona / Zonu  by Shimon || Tukuruyo by Nonobe || DokuganP by Mizoochicrash || D-Neko / Toyger by Kettosee || 3Getjoe by Nadagetsu



Nijikaku Collection - tons of other 2chan related characters.

AA Out Break Collection - Online FG based on 2chan.

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Tsu~ by pkrs: http://www.mediafire...9dpjdz9kkh94n5w

Boon by Kumasao: http://www13.atwiki..../pages/120.html

Also, dosen't Tinjuu from Nijikaku count as a Futaba Channel Emoticon?

Thank you toaster, but Boon's author site link is dead. Also i doubt Tinjuu as Futaba Emoticon...maybe i'll add it there until someone could verify.

they look ok but one question, does manny count as

a futaba channel emoticon?

I'll add edits too. Also could you provide me his portraits and stance sprite? 77mbs of files is too big for me to dl atm.

Some of those I don't reccognize. And on another note, I notice the ones made by Shimon are missing.

Shimons old site is dead...and i didn't found any single futaba emoticon chars when i visit it via WB machine...i'll add them into missing character list though.

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Do youhave a photo of them? I think i might have them.

Sadly, I do not. I do know, however, that Shimon made a version of Zonu (Which may or may not be the one in the collection) as well as mona, 8Mona (Taller version), two different versions of GikoNeko, a cat who has an onigiri for a head, and a few others I might have forgotten.

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Okay, updated. Couldn't get the onigiri cat by shimon because the wayback machine only could brought me back to June 2006 and older than that is 404 error lol.

Hmmmm... Actually, I think it was on the site with everyone else at one time after that, but I'm unsure.

What's this "Wayback Machine?"

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Meh, don't worry about it too bad. If anyone wants Onigiri cat in their MUGEN, they can just use donkou's version. Shimon's version probably isn't any better than his other Futaba Channel characters. :D (Never tried it myself)

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