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Story of your username?

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It's my name in real life.


I chose to go to this battle clean-faced with under the influence of Master Reu and a little bit of Andreas Borghi.

At first I believed I could be a Mugen star, do a thousand and one things, but we all realized that this is not how the wheel turns.


Then I came to believe that being clean could lead me somewhere different, where I could, I do not know, could feel accepted and make a difference.

Now I know that every step I took led me to the abyss.

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My name comes to be not Sucessfully Focused on the Metal and Rock Generes, i've went doing Crudely or barely great Edits from other characters by the same way from Josh Geary's Steal Code till i've started learing the coding and the new Attacks that Of my chars peform.


i've got originally my real name on as Matias Fernando (shortened for the gamings as Matias2889) at around 2007 or 2008 being a M.U.G.E.N Fanatic and starting my stuff from 2010 to went it but it failed till 2014 to come back for the M.U.G.E.N Stuff.

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Story of my name "Dronekiller" was made before i join any MUGEN community's, long ago when know about Freeware MUGEN. With unique and funny author name every their creations made me try to make my own name. "Dark Ruler" was my favorite author on first because have unique boss from where-i-dont-know and i edited one of them, that's where i got pop up about my name,

start with "D"( funny is it?) 

"Drone" i know was some kind a robot-thing and this "killer" was part my idea, they look Dark theme name to me XD


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