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Click the name of the characters for download. "Nijiura Maids" is a internet phenomenon originated in Japanese imageboard Nijiura. 

Most characters took and edited from japanese MUGEN game "Nijikaku". Credits to SSBK65✯ for editing the characters to work in 1.0/1.1 and uploading them all.

For more informations about the characters please visit: http://www.shii.org/maids/



Primary Maids

QmfHVvk.png nPXXy5W.png o22HKo9.png 6kk3uo9.png WQwkZo9.png
 Dorei Hidoi




TwistedSynapse [Press F Medoi-san]

QJLDRm6.png mCijPpH.png BZcpVm9.png U5LsgGR.png I7Vjx8X.png



Yakui Nemui



Lesser Maids

QG553KO.png Miqq2sX.png ka1ukUu.png    
Jorei  Kiai Kikai    


Honorary Maids

sAohF3K.png Yex7eSa.png u9ju4Gs.png 7mGGDqy.png ibH6sn2.png
Yuki Kotonomiya Yami Yuki Iki Insane Iki Chibi Yami


Chinese Symbol Maids

IVzHjsi.png Qhfodzi.png REJOGbh.png MrkMvPp.png QV7Xnu7.png
Kouryuu Kirin


 Genbu Suzaku
vA7WPtH.png HWGpmYN.png      
 Deka Byakko K-Kirin      



Other Maids

vsYHeTx.png yb9DNwU.png 6jUok23.png 6I0T9Ko.png IoTB5DB.png
Lullaby Shiharai Tsurai Kaitai Satsui
PPbVRzk.png aKo4ldM.png o74aLJM.png smHUVbw.png yocLwGF.png
Darii Kasugai  Saitei Tensai


ieaXOpT.png Feoai8N.png OKcqWDy.png DxTlqVA.png 0wtVrUz.png


Lily Zunbai Dansai Kawaii
DrWU4Tv.png RDurOHs.png W1QkFXx.png lDwvO7G.png u2AmlOn.png
Lemon Tea Seiza Uranai Utagai Akui Honbunnai
ldcp3dI.png algrWj0.png txsa01J.png    
Kozoi Mokusei Satsujinclaw    


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Now that's odd...i have tested them all and they didn't show up some error? Yeah, besides they stiff gameplay, typical of nijikaku characters... What kind of error you got?

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@Vec Oh...i think it's some kind of error that makes the character didn't show up or shut down the MUGEN engine == Yeah, as you know Nijikaku characters is a living debug flood, and all i do is only fix their basic problem (win dialog appears during battle). About the syntax error, sorry bud i'm still a noob to coding, if i could i'll re-code them but, well... :bow: @Blood Here's a new link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ddd1acuz33ka2wc. It's works now?

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No problem, thanks goes to the magic toaster for take them. Updated, i decided to add other maids that appear in nijikaku. Not sure harai or itai is maid but seeing their maid headdress...lol

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