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Kamen Rider Series

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1 hour ago, BlackCat said:

Self-edited Kamen rider Den-o and Faiz

Their sprites are from the game kfa

They still need to be tested and there maybe some bugs inside

Also looking for ai since i don't know how to write that  





What's KFA?

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apologies for the delay, a couple of things had been keeping me distracted from the collections lately.



- Faiz by BlackCat

- Den-O by BlackCat

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Some self-edited char

Decade Violent Emotion form



Kamen Rider 1st sprites from KFA (Skills added)



Kamen Rider 2nd sprites from KFA (Skills added)



Kamen Rider V3 (Sprites mostly drawn by myself so they may not be good enough)



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- recent releases from BlackCat (Ichigo, Nigo, V3, and DCD Violent Emotion)

- Kamen Rider Diend (Neo Diendriver) by Fujiyama

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3 hours ago, Mister Fael said:

Hey @BlackCat, I really enjoyed your Faiz, though I wish I had a more restricted access to Faiz Axel.


Also, Decade still has his Den-O infinite.





@Mister Fael

Thanks for playing, I didn't realize the infinite loop from decade, now the opponent will not pause for that long when being hit

Also i added one move for dcd, the command is B,F,a



For Faiz, now you can only use axel once for each game



hope u enjoy 🙂

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Kamen Rider Drive edited by zzw258236, nick named "Over Drive"



Notable difference from Team Drive's Drive are:

- Power bar goes to 5 instead of 3

- Added additional supers

- Added an attack with Kamen Rider Chase

- New effects added when transforming to Type Tridoron/Opening theme plays

~ Original page for the edited Drive: https://qxmugen.com/character/15124


Kamen Rider Brain by Orb Dark



- Feels incomplete, or a meme character

~ Original page for Kamen Rider Brain: https://qxmugen.com/character/15110

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