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10 hours ago, ennki said:

Good Job.

So cool Ultimate Form.

Two hits of 236C can not chain.


>>other ver (WinMUGEN etc)

Error in writing def file.

1.Fix from [author "Mura, 7Bnanabe"] to [author="Mura, 7Bnanabe"]

2.Fix from [st4=-2, -3.cns] to [st4=-2,-3.cns]

3.[-2, -3.cns] rename [-2,-3.cns]

Other places were OK.

Def file fixed, thank you very much!! n.n

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- Zeronos by Fujiyama (it looks like he made a lot of KR related stages as well, so i added the link under stage section. Also changed the name of KR Tiger's author to "Fujiyama" instead of "a")

- Found out that A-Jin's Blade has been updated and it uses different sprites than the others, so i changed the link and added the new image.

- Amazon Alpha edit by Anomipolis

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