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Click the name of the characters and stages for download. Those characters were "moe anthropomorphism" of the various operating systems.

Most characters took and edited from japanese MUGEN game "Nijikaku". Credits to SSBK65✯ for editing the characters to work in 1.0 /1.1 and uploading them all.

For more informations about the characters please visit: http://ostan-collections.net/wiki/



ElDTOzC.png bNF0SFC.png 6RTehHL.png 4SL1hg3.png deG5GJP.png
Windows 1.0 Windows 3.1

Windows 95

Nipa3008's Edit

TwistedSynapse's Edit

Windows 95 Windows 95
m1i8sEJ.png 8L4VIwT.png 6iE6P7c.png Y5fObwr.png NOqUGXa.png
Windows 97 Windows 98 Windows 98 Windows 98SE

Windows 2000

Nipa3008's Edit

w7oh78i.png pM64uxZ.png rkRltIN.png N4xuSyJ.png vKfxQuG.png

Windows ME

Nipa3008's Edit

Windows ME Windows Server 2k3

Windows XP

Nipa3008's Edit

Windows XP Home
vCwEIRz.png XfTaUGA.png Yboasov.png irjSv6G.png k1yUaYS.png
Windows XP Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Vista Windows CE
JXFg4YF.png 99I6sNs.png 6p90Kza.png NTYT0JF.png L2GQ51g.png
Windows Vista Windows 8.1

Windows NT

Pilum's Edit (NSFW)

Windows Neptune Mac OS 9
GANmEkc.png 1p2TMJj.png zeEyey8.png Un2je7z.png qJzaY3X.png
Mac OS-9  Mac OS X Linux Komepo Balkan



 Windows 95 (Day) || Windows 95 (Night) || Windows 98 || Windows 2k || Windows XP || 

Windows ME ||  Windows Vista || Windows Neptune || Mac OS || Mac OS-X

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Yeah, i know some male personification is made, but i don't know if they appears in Nijikaku game or not. This is all what the magic toaster sent to me. So far only 2 in this collection lol.

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Notes: I took out 2-ban and Asuta because i found they didn't have any relation to OS-tan series.

Oh well, i'll post them in [OTHERS] though.

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This..............is...................strange........................yet................... satisfying


Agreed.  What in the bluest of all blue hells ...

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I'll always remember these characters for being just plain unique, 2000 & Balkan are my favs. You know, I wondered how Pittan was related to them though. And what they did to SE's face is just horrid. Vistake's also related to Kabegami, both having nails in their designs, a Vista logo even appears in one of his specials.

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