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Maple Story

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Click the author names below the images to download! Red text means a character is offline.





ydj2CMC.png ikw7LHZ.png fyd1NBO.png Gzssyvx.png Gz7V3fl.png Wg4SoTb.png


Lance: DarkCipherLucius || Cipher Sin: DarkCipherLucius || Killa Jax: DarkCipherLucius || Leila: DarkCipherLucius || Im War: DarkCipherLucius || Antherica: DarkCipherLucius


 IqkTCZA.png Co9eiJy.png ABTNCAq.png kAORZDy.png qstNtWr.png FPbR1yJ.png


Soldier: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Youkumo: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Ling Fengling: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Female BossThe Doctor || WarriorThe Doctor || Hero: Setsugetsu



Mage: Dark Ruler



ZAp0ptT.png 6UE6KGy.png L3dAzWP.png phrIIqE.png mSzP3jf.png PYvLmNu.png


iPrestonXD40: AkaPrestonXD || Andesh: AkaPrestonXD || AntonyAho: AkaPrestonXD || AronKwak: AkaPrestonXD || BananaChipx: AkaPrestonXD || Bran: AkaPrestonXD


ZKIWmZ8.png 2RZThkN.png CRPeYJ7.png tCxvBjs.png aF94aQv.png AJnaAZD.png


Catharsis: AkaPrestonXD || FlammingFire: AkaPrestonXD || Friendless: AkaPrestonXD || historio: AkaPrestonXD || iPrestonKill: AkaPrestonXD ||  Jackie: AkaPrestonXD 


Pk9xxlH.png 1k2KfVO.png 8uL622o.png 76gWxkx.png zXqJ7vZ.png wV3ZHvB.png


 jayciea: AkaPrestonXD || Jicu: AkaPrestonXD || k3mikee: AkaPrestonXD || KioHeart: AkaPrestonXD || Koan: AkaPrestonXD || Lyricals: AkaPrestonXD


pNE7KqY.png zSlrOkj.png l8obgi7.png shP8494.png el0UCtH.png YhyijhG.png


Magiliene: AkaPrestonXD || MrsTeddys: AkaPrestonXD || MrTeddys: AkaPrestonXD || MyTheary: AkaPrestonXD || Phat: AkaPrestonXD || Paradises: AkaPrestonXD 


z6lmNmh.png wJi1sUs.png kNBF7rI.png YbLEXNm.png j59jh1o.png QukBR5G.png


Puggss: AkaPrestonXD || Risult: AkaPrestonXD || Roey: AkaPrestonXD || Samiku: AkaPrestonXD || Scrolled: AkaPrestonXD || SteathyDog: AkaPrestonXD 


TpCUgvM.png EEhoTUc.png SHQyeA6.png yATVWxT.png tUoorTY.png X6yUVWi.png


Stylist: AkaPrestonXD || SweetSorbi: AkaPrestonXD || TheBrendan12: AkaPrestonXD || Trilium: AkaPrestonXD || YurikaNijino: AkaPrestonXD || Zyvr: AkaPrestonXD 


eLUfR1r.png vgUE03q.png tgxHm9l.png 4YGOcB2.png ga6MnKN.png iUmOlWe.png


Disastifide: AkaPrestonXD || heartstilas: AkaPrestonXD || iincrease: AkaPrestonXD || Misaur: AkaPrestonXD || NesasBlade: AkaPrestonXD || pvht: AkaPrestonXD 


 79tT0Pw.png tMNvRZH.png


RachelFailz: AkaPrestonXD || Veroria: AkaPrestonXD 



5PcSlBZ.png 6kXkKoM.png 7yZRZMO.png 2K09ynS.png szG2pFm.png Pt2K6Cu.png


Manon: The Doctor || Brexton: The Doctor || Crocodile: The Doctor || Big Toad: The Doctor || Igloo Turtle: The Doctor || Python: Eggbomber101 [Vore / NSFW]


lA0Haxr.png hAQpbEi.png 93LcdN1.png


Leviathan: Dark Ruler || Dark Cornian: Dark Ruler || Drake: Dark Ruler



63yeHUj.png 1a2nbqd.png UIXwwDH.png fh1OkQF.png 7sKLEcr.png k6X9wSX.png


Tae Roon: The Doctor || Hogull: The Doctor || Griffey: The Doctor || Pink Been: The Doctor || Mano: The Doctor || Giant Centipede: The Doctor


EGnpFqk.png hrgCnOl.png 4p4ieSQ.png X6zkpLq.png dfc1NtB.png


Chlorotrap: The Doctor || Xerxes: Dark Ruler || Blue Kentaurus: Storm0062 || OlyOly: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL || Tamamushihime: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL





f3FsIdR.png nPZlfD2.png ZZbGpOS.png ngwyvDF.png BRN8zzF.png 52cu22O.png BIRj0Pr.png 


Serph: The Doctor || Fish: The Doctor || King Clang: The Doctor || Octopus: The Doctor || Time Whale: The Doctor || Peeking Lord: The Doctor || PianusThe Doctor



fAugVNA.png KhLiIE4.png s8D401z.png faZl58f.png 2dbWBJ5.png


Green SlimeThe Doctor || BubblingThe Doctor || Devil SlimeThe Doctor || King SlimeThe Doctor || Xmas SlimeThe Doctor



Y4BQz3K.png sjIGhe6.png CvAgknB.png 6IzW4fl.png 7oFXdYY.png dHv0oaW.png


Tomato: The Doctor  || Poison Tree: The Doctor || Mushroom Mom: The Doctor || Mushroom Dad: The Doctor || Orange Mushroom: The Doctor || Berserkie: The Doctor



BPm8vNd.png 2h4CrXe.png 3sLVQEK.png PIZJ3FX.png


Metal Golem: Dark Ruler || Poison Golem:  The Doctor || Nest Golem:  The Doctor || Mixed Golem:  The Doctor



Ut4X1GF.png o2igQjf.png XwVRUYe.png 2KEWtW3.png CGfXiLm.png


Papa: The Doctor || Skelegon: Dark Ruler || Spirit of Rock: Dark Ruler || Sailor Ghost: Storm0062 || Olivia: 迾攷茛瑯玸FXNULL



ozUutDe.png LqlRQXH.png ZVOG85h.png WoD8wOt.png 65w1Sdh.png 3kevKs4.png pXCG5lF.png


Droy: The Doctor || Frankenroid: The Doctor || P. Clock: The Doctor || Snack Bar: The Doctor || Timer: The Doctor || Boombox:  The Doctor || Alishar: Dark Ruler



2lxHMt2.png ScFqhOG.png fRlEk4N.png SqM8qf5.png


Horntail:  Dark Ruler [1.1 Only] || Vellum: Dark Ruler || Bergamot: Dark Ruler || Zakum: Dark Ruler [1.1 Only]





Nagi: Nagi



Fishies by The Doctor

And some more that i couldn't locate.



Maple Story Lifebars by DCL [Winmugen+/320x240]



Maple Story Full Game by AkaPrestonXD

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Gotcha. So he made over 40 characters? Haha, i'll gonna grab them and add them to the list.

go on youtube he made a hell of alot almost to the 100 mark

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wow, nice work right here, im not so much a Fan of this, but i really do dig the monsters of this series

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Ah, thanks Brock! I'm started this collection with only 7 characters...didn't know there was a shitload of them, thanks to Slyph that linked me to Skulper's site lol. I'm add a link to Skulper's characters pack too.

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I tried some of the Doctors Maple Story Characters. ...I guess I was kind of hoping for something more, though. They make decent boss Mugen Characters, but lousy playable ones. I guess they were meant to be boss characters. ...Then again, I didn't try all of them.

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Strange, I could download Fishies without any problems in the past

me too in faact i think i still have him

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Updated the thread with Dark Ruler's Bergamot and Setsugetsu's Maple Hero. @Sho That's the same pack i posted above, or not? Also can you upload the Fishies individually so i can add it? Sorry i can't DL anything from 2shared for some reason lol.

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i dont think so. and sure ill upload it not sure why you cant download it from 2share but sure i can do that for you

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Ty sho, i'll update this one once i get the internet in my home fixed. can't do anything now since i use net cafe connection lol.

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Oh lol my bad. I think that's the character file since the name is similar lol.

lol its cool no one would be abke to know the different unless they downloaded it

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