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Varnage Update 2020

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Varnage Update by JARRO77


Improve timing animations
Fix speed and power now is not a Boss Character now is Really Playable
Improve coding things for the gameplay
Fix alot of sprites and animations
Fix Position of the entire sprites in ff
Adding all the buttons for the Hypers
Adding New Super Jump and Peak and Coming Down Animation
Adding New Palette
Adding New standing medium punch
Adding New Hyper Carnage Assassination

In this video you can see the most Insane Moments i did on my Mugen also some Gameplay Combos!!!!!!!




Mediafire Link  www.mediafire.com/file/3c38y79fp65idzl/Varnage_Update.rar/file






Hi all most of you know the story about this char,this was my first release!! How you remember the char was very bad especially for the sprites.Various bug too about speed and power, the char was really cheap to play like a boss character


After T.O.P.S. update i add to admit the char was alot better he really improve my old sprites and make new moves too,he did a good job in alot of things

The char was not so good to me because there was alot of bad things so in December 2019 i decide
to start this Update and fix all the things I didn't like and now is COMPLETELY A NEW CHAR!!!! just look the video and watch the INSANE gameplay i give him hahahahahha

Now i'm really happy with him!!,this is the proof we can UPDATE BAD CHARS!! if you remember varnage in 2013 and watching him now you can see an EPIC CHANGE this is really a NEW CHAR NOW!!!!:


Today is my Birthday and i want share this with you guys and with all the people really love MUGEN hope you like and KEEP CREATING CHARS 

Improve yourself and learn how to code and spriting chars, then give the 100% to make great chars 

Remeber Mix of base and Frankenspriting really make a difference!!!!

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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