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Unknown Soldier released by Gladiacloud, Mazemerald, Kenshiro99 and Motorroach!

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Gladiacloud here.


I guess you read the name of this character in the title of this topic. Well... I know very well what I wrote about it when I released Lou last year:



Now only one MVC special partner remains... but I have already mentioned that I do not want to make him. At least not alone.


And believe me when I tell you I was serious. The problem was first of all the moveset: no matter how hard I tried, no move came to mind for him. So what happened in this period that made me change my mind about working on him?


Two particular events:


1) Gtaguy sent me via PM on Discord the old version of Unknown Soldier created by Mazemerald, but very well coded (thanks to Kenshiro99).


2) We had gone back to work on the Beximus' full game "Capcom Universe".


The character was practically done... he just needed good sprites. So I intervened.


I'm talking about the main character of Forgotten Worlds...






Now all the MVC special partners are complete, right?


I think you noticed that I included Mazemerald among the authors of Unknown Soldier. After all, this Unknown Soldier is the 100% completion of Unknown Soldier made by Mazemerald created several years ago, so it seemed right to add him.


Now that my work on MVC special partners is officially finished, I'll work on the revamp of another old character of mine, then I'll take a little break from the MVC characters.



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I'll be honest, I'm becoming quite fond of Gladiacloud's work, and in fact, have all of their characters in my roster as it is.

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Gladiacloud, Mazemerald, Kenshiro99 & Motorroach Congratulations to everyone now we have a decent and very good version of Unknown Soldier for mugen thanks to you guys 😉

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