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Creator's Collection: Kidthomas

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Here's my first post and Creator's Collection on MFFA and I'm the Creator¬†ūüėĀ

Nice to meet you!


Commodore Amiga characters

eCQgMay.gif rEjS3yg.png flihx9B.png MYHhKFi.png wb3Xn8V.gif rZtbqDt.gif xMEwPst.gif qgz1hdw.png

Shadow - LeChuck - Luisa - Chuck Rock - Prince of Persia - Khrome - Valdyn - Demona




Arcade characters


KGFEsPU.gif 0ilJC1x.gif OjHwUTd.gif e2IRM7C.gif 5kpwMlU.gif TaZZUNi.png hhT0msX.gif 6sgNXqF.gif m8tyVmn.gif Ndykp9G.gif rOtC0gm.png egjRqS2.gif 9ZeSSpY.gif jjdxMHD.gif vrrKrXu.gif b9v6J99.gif 8n2aDjS.gif RCRKc7K.gif dhXeUEs.gif eNCFF2j.gif kVcE8Fs.gif avNd7Dl.gif CWQf30F.gif bmwRyI3.gif

1UP Crime Fighter - Abobo - Albatross - Bad Blue - Biggyman - Bionic Commando - Black Cat - Blood - Crude Buster - Chain Thug (Vendetta) - Cormano - Dakota - First Boss Crime Fighter - George - Green Goblin - Jabbin'Jim - Joe - Mac - 1P Megatwins - Rastan - Maxima - Strider - Superman - Tough Turf Player



King of Fighters characters






Console (PSX, GBA, SNES, Megadrive, etc.) characters


SkTJZEz.gif wZiTxoH.gif QZ1Ub4j.gif Py1BlDf.gif XCtkVD7.gif em3Yfxx.gif Y5kv2Sw.gif VsAcxk1.gif lPo6qcT.gif FQ0PMHx.gif YnTbfA0.gif LO54JgJ.gif 37X0Pcv.gif

Alien Hominid - Anakin Skywalker - Armor King - Bane - Billy Lee - Crash Bandicoot - Kenshiro - Dirk The Daring - Drone Locust - Rick Tylor - Spyro The Dragon - The Beast Disney - Catwoman




Mobile characters


qHVEs59.gif oW3sjYR.gif

Yang - Linda Double Dragon IOS


Movies, Cartoon & Comics, TV Series and TV characters


LqtWr8B.gif e5Bbfr9.gif Z7kGaff.gif ElIJWPS.gif jBgmZwP.gif M0Hi8bQ.gif 0ERtYx6.gif QlqrvFZ.gif mdisrlq.gif RddQ81O.gif Y6ftg6E.gif

Dylan Dog - Gon - Google's T-Rex - Guile Van Damme - Negan - Po - Rick Grimes - Scorpion (MK Legacy) - Stan Lee - Vampirella - Rat-Man



Edit, Original and Various characters


sl7Vxx3.gif C8XMTFh.gif 2X7UZHj.gif xUMC9yW.gif EYQvKke.gif KVkzpLS.gif UA7cYx2.gif CDXMnhZ.gif Juz3Ajo.gif

Asuka Kazama (Barefoot) - Gore Zombie (Can Transform in Nemesis) - Goro - Kathrin Leslie - Licker Metal Slug Version - Mariah Wolf - Scorn - Tao - Thomas (Myself)




That's a ll by now. I hope you like it.





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