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These are the most up-to-date versions of Fido's Street Fighter MX series, he has yet to MX-ize Akuma, Ken,Guile, Dhalsim, Juni, Juli or Zangief.

Author site has been offline for long time since the death of Mugen China.


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And The Street Fighter MX Collection is Back ONLINE 100% Thanks to VeryDannyBoy for all the Uploads & To myself For Dling his Uploads , Re Uploading them( 8 1/2 Hours) and adding new pics for Sagat,Vega & Birdie

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no thats fine, up until mugenchina went i had alot of these linked over to fido'/s mx pages , but since it went i had to re up what very reupped to 2 shared , so thats why its like this 

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