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Ultimate M. Bison (Alpha_V3) + 2 stages

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Last alpha update for M. Bison. I have most of what I envisioned for the character when the project started. Just need to add a few more throws & intros/winning poses. So whatever problems arise from this build I'll fix for the beta. So with that said i'll give a brief description of what is new. Added a glow to anything using psycho power except the fireballs, finished the smart palette, added a new special, added 3 new hypers, added interactive option for his stages & finally made 2 versions of his stages.


Link : https://electroslair.blogspot.com/




So with the stages I separated all the background elements like building, sky, grass, etc.. then put them on their own deltas & parallax. Put a 3D effect of a few of them for the 1.1 version. Added some birds flying around during the World Warriors stage. Added lightning & rain to the Champion Edition stage. Extended the ceiling for a decent high jump. Animations speeds on people are a bit more randomized so they look less robotic. If you want Bison to have the statues break during Arcade mode then add this to your select file :


Ultimate_M_Bison,chars\Ultimate_M_Bison\stage\Ultimate_SF2_Thailand.def,includestage =0




Hypers :


Psycho Scissor Kicks : Charge back then hit forward + two kicks.
Hyper Psycho Crusher : Charge back then hit forward + two punchs. (Can be done in air)
Shadaloo Lord : F, D, F + two punchs. 
Ruthless Stomping : Charge down then hit up + two kicks. (Can be done in air)
Psycho Annihilation : B, D + two punches. (In air only)
Ultimate Psycho Crusher : D, F + two punches. (Can be done in air)


Specials :


Head Stomp : Charge down then hit up + kick. (Can be done in air)
Devil's Reverse : Charge down then hit up + punch. (Can be done in air)
Psycho Crusher : Charge back then hit forward + punch. (Can be done in air)
Scissor Kicks : Charge back then hit forward + kick.
Psycho Ball : B, D, F + punch.
Psycho Field : F, D, B + punch.
Inferno : F, D, F + kick.


Update notes 

Added new hyper called Ultimate Psycho Crusher.
Added new hyper called Psycho Annihilator.
Added new hyper called Ruthless Stomping.
Added a special called Inferno.
New hyper KO background. 
Added glowing to Psycho moves, except the fireballs.
Reworked gethit sprites & hitbox's.
Changed poweradd & powergive for a lot of attacks.
Changed how much power needed for Shadaloo Lord hyper from 2000 to 1000.
Updated AI.
Slightly increased speed of Psycho Crusher.
Changed jump kick from incorrectly making opponents fall when thier standing on ground.
Added ignorehitpause = 1 to every transition from air to ground.
Added frozen sprite.
Damage & attribute adjustments.
Overall quality of life improvements.

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