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Diavolo / King Crimson (Remastered)

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Thanks David Production, now I fully understand how King Crimson works.

- Stylish Cancel reworked: Cost reduced to 500 power. The power cost increases by 500 each time Stylish Cancel is used during a combo. The power cost penalty will be reseted once combo is finished.
- Fixed all dedug flood-related problems.
- Added missing guard sparks.
- Stylish Cancel's no longer affected by corner push. 
- Removed Chi no metsubushi (Blood Dashing move)'s limit.
- Removed EX System.
- Air normals now can be chained.
- Chi no metsubushi is now a trait move (C).
- Added new mechanic: Time Erasing (C) - While being OTG, Diavolo can erase time to reposition himself and get up immediately. Cost 500 power per use.
- Reworked Epitaph: Epitaph now not only gives Diavolo ability to dodge incoming attacks (while not attacking) but also improves Diavolo's Time Erasing. During Epitaph, Time Erasing no longer costs power and can be canceled from succeeded special attacks. Can only be used once per combo. Doesn't affect Chi no metsubushi.
- Guard push no longer costs power.
- Time has been erased... no longer costs power (Burst version now costs 3000 power).
- Pinnacle of Eternity now has 1500 power activation cost. Successful counter will cost another 1500 power (now requires 3000 power to use).
- Fixed the glitch which makes some attacks unable to count toward combo counter.
- Fixed the glitch which makes Teleport messing up with players' control.
- Crouching Heavy now can launch opponents and is jump cancelable, similar to Stand on version of Diavolo in ASB.

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