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I could have posted these individually but wanted some more substance so some progress on Iku;


Dragonfish the Able Swimmer. Originally one of her alt specials in Soku, it's now her Unique Skill. Considering how slow Iku's actual movement speed is, this is a welcome addition to her arsenal, as it's effectively a dodge. Can also be used offensively to cross up opponents.



Dragon Fish's Strike, her qcf+p Special. Always hits three times, but differs on distance traveled and recovery time at the end.



Smite of the Goddess (dp+p). Iku's anti-air grab with a ton of range and damage. As you might expect, it whiffs against standing opponents. Aiding to Iku's ranged gameplay, it throws the opponent quite far afterward.



Electrostatic Guided Missile (qcb+p). Air usable. Acts like a regular projectile at first unless the attack button is held down, in which case it will stop midway in order to chase the opponent once.



Dragon God's Wrath (d,d+p). Okizeme tool. Iku can move around before the lightning strikes, but getting hit causes it to disappear.

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Thorn Sign "Thundercloud Stickleback". This was a pain to balance out, but basically turns Iku herself into a mobile projectile that hits every second for 8 seconds. Disappears if Iku is hit, but can be used both defensively and offensively. Kind of fitting considering how many of Rose's moves Iku already has in source and seeing how this move resembled Soul Satellite in terms of how it functions, it was only natural that this be included as one of Iku's supers.

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