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Alright, so one day, I just woke up and decided to make a training-type character; similar to that of Training by Stupa. Except instead, this character is loaded with a whole bunch of different features. This is a character with a training menu programmed for the purpose of aiding in character development and also for training.


Full list of menu options:

- Set statetype
- Set distance
- Auto air recover
- State jammer (Spam attacks)
- HP regeneration
- Power regeneration
- Autoguarding
- Guard break
- Power armor
- Nothitby toggle
- Set attack multiplier
- Set defence multiplier
- Set guard damage
- Set run/dash mode
- Set movement speed
- Set jump height
- Flying
- Teleporting
- P2 dist and bodydist monitors
- P2 vel monitors
- Combo info (Damage, hit count, adv. frames)
- Pause in-game timer
- Pause (Freeze opponents)
- Palette set
- AI
- Suicide


Now, I just want to apologize to the people with a disdain for Shiki edits. My original intention with this character was that it was just going to be a small debug character for personal use. I didn't want to just use KFM as a base, instead, I just randomly picked Ark's Illusion No. 17 as the guinea pig to program stuff into. Over time, I ended up adding a bunch more features as a test of "Hey, is this a thing that I'm capable of programming?" So now I have a whole bunch of different training and debugging features programmed into a Shiki edit that I'm deciding to release.





This character is also programmed with AI. I even programmed it to be able to make use of the menu features, so that might make for some interesting battles. Even if you don't develop MUGEN content, I reckon that you consider checking this character out at least for the AI.


And one last thing, report any bugs you find to me. I haven't exactly tested this very vigorously. I tried releasing this to a couple of friends on Discord, but um... I never really got any reports back.


1.0 and newer only.



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