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Steel (Reign of Supermen 2019 Remaster)

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This guy's CLSN boxes gave me nightmares.
- New Hypers.
- New Specials.
- Updated with hi-res effects.
- Fixed A LOT of CLSN problems. No more hittable cape!
- Improved guarding states for crossup detection.
- Updated with a better corner push system.
- Fixed crossing-up glitches.
- Fixed underground juggles.
- Normals no longer deal cheap damage on block.
- Fixed all infinite juggling problems. 
- Many huge changes to make his playstyle actually have senses.
- Launcher now cancels into Flying instead of Super Jump.
- Flying duration no longer resets whenever Steel attacks.
- Flying duration reduced from 700f to 400f.
- Now has a proper damage dampen system.
- Rivet Cannon's projectile now can be destroyed when hit by other projs.
- Fixed Flying glitches.


Special thanks to:
Bizarro_Toro for the based character.
kairuier, Nep Heart, Kamekaze, SeanAltly, DANIEL LINHARES and RicePigeon for the huge amount of coding works, effects as well as gameplay references.

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