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M4E's WIP Thread

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Gone are the subtleties, the evasive hints, the allusions of a day to come.  With 2019 proceeding at quite the clip, I thought it apropos to enact my resolve to be about the masses with greater frequency for the foreseeable future.  By my reckoning, this is as good a springboard as any.  That having been said, I give you my extant escapade.


The Penguin (Oswald C. Cobblepot)




After lengthy conceptualization between colossal stretches of inactivity, the objective stands as follows:


  • 2 Modes: Batman Returns & Extra (think CvS)
  • 8 Special Moves & 5 Supers
  • Vans' Tiny Buffering System
  • A KOF-esque Combo Build
  • Intro & Ending Sequences
  • Classic & Modern Colors
  • A Number of Win Quotes
  • AI






Exclusive of facets such as damage values (which were atrociously high in the SNES interpretation of Batman Returns), emphasis will be placed on balance and precision (essentially, the blueprint for all my character releases moving forward).  In preparation for those keen on palette submission, I'm assembling a CSed template to dispense among the forums.  Anyone itching to participate further may message me.  As is always the case, I urge insight and recommendation. 😉

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