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Gene Worm

Spoo by Nanashi_Shiki


Hello, everyone! I've been looking for this character called "Spoo" (スプー) made by Nanashi_Shiki (名無し_志貴), which is very old and was made around 2007 before eventually going offline. The character is pretty powerful and comes from the same meme that the popular Gurospooo monster came from. He also created a large version of it called "Mechspoo Black G-5900" (メカスプブラックG-5900) that has health regeneration, but it seems to be private.


The now retired warehouse-archivist "TheEvilKungFuMan" also used to have this character (he uses it in one of his few remaining videos), so I know some people had it in the day. But, does anyone still have it and if so, be willing to send a link to the character?


You can see the author's video of his two characters here:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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