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Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart

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 The graceful and gentle Hotaru makes her way into MUGEN seeking to reunite her family, but this time in a completely custom gameplay style! However, she still retains the essence of her King of Fighters XI/Neo Geo Battle Colosseum incarnations right down to the intricate stance system. Hotaru may be a higher execution character compared to my previous characters relatively speaking, but that doesn't mean she isn't any fun to use either.


 This is my new year present to all of you MUGEN players.!AvDqTmHZ37DihnRWmPv0CiuUrA4j


 All previous characters made by me have been updated significantly, so, definitely get them now that they have all been noticeably improved.


All characters

- Improved jump buffering.
- Improved Burst buffering, bursting should be made more reliable now compared to before where it would fail in many custom state instances.
- All grounded normals can be canceled on hit against aerial opponents, making them safer to use and better for punishing.
- Many aesthetic improvements for both FX and SFX.

- All characters now can wall tech much like how they can air and ground tech.


Sayaka Miki

- Tweak damage scaling on Affetuoso, should do slightly more damage at the end of combos now.
- Slightly increased her juggling.
- Fixed a bug on 6y that caused MUGEN to randomly crash.

- Now has a wall jump, increasing her mobility options.


Hieda no Akyuui

-A list long enough that it's just easier to say that most of the things pointed out by RicePigeon in her respective thread has been addressed.


Homura Akemi

- Decreased her juggling.
- Tweaked damage scaling.
- Fixed a bug for Rebellion that occasionally caused the cutscene to fail to play even on hit.
- Slightly reduced her j.2z's OTG set-ups at higher combo hits.

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 Made a small update for Hotaru just now, fixing some frame data that otherwise lead to a strict, but otherwise doable infinite.

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 Decided to make early updates for all characters this time instead of waiting until I release my next character, so, have fun with that, everyone.


 Here's Hotaru's updates...


- Fixed Shinjou-Tai error that made it whiff on blocking opponents (derp, how did I even miss this?).
- Fixed Soushou-Shin whiffing on crouching characters.
- Increased corner push for super projectile.


 The updates for everyone including Hotaru...


- Fixed wall bounce animations, hurtboxes and a bug that was found in them.
- Fixed ground bounce animations and hurtboxes.
- Fixed custom tripping animations and hurtboxes.
- Revised projectile reflectors for characters who have one.
- Added Gold Burst and Bursting now uses up all juggle points on hit.
- Revised ground teching to be similar to Melty Blood's.
- Revised lv3/lv5 super aesthetics.
- Tweaked all damage scaling.

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