Bowsette (Original-ish Character - Includes Stage)

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I think there is a glitch or something where she cant block and i think i found the source of the problem in statedef -2

[State -1, ]
type = assertspecial
trigger1 = 1 ;<----Mode variable goes here. If Armor is active all the time or if you do not have a mode var, keep this trigger as is.
flag = noairguard
flag2 = nostandguard
flag3 = nocrouchguard

so change the trigger to whatever you wanted it to be which i guess this is for giga bowsette so i changed it to var(30) = 1

also the giga bowsette command is written twice it's probably meant to be b in the second one

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-She gains power from her "Chain Chomp Throw" and "Giga Bowsette" supers.


-Seems to have no damage damping.


-"Super Fire Breath" does too much for a level 1.

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