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Happy New Year ! - Betalille (a day early...)


Here I come again with something quite different from what I usually do. Atomic Saki is a project that started 6 years ago but never really got to a "release" state, despite having a spriter willing to do his best to make it unique - thanks again Sky79 -. However, after working a long time on characters originating from games and dramas, I decided to work on an "OC" because I wouldn't have to respect any source and just use my imagination. So, here we are !


After being exposed to weird experiments, Saki obtained the power of controlling certain atoms, generating light, shapes out of air but also explosions and therefore fire. Despite having received military training, Saki counts on her powers to defeat any threat that put her loved ones in danger. Her immense power makes her a great fighter, who is said to be powerful enough to battle with the greatest fighters of all time. (i.e. a little Cheap when Palette 12 is chosen...)


Credits :


- Sky79 for the custom sprites (Standing & Walking Back - Credit him if you want to reuse them, not me)
- RandomTalkingBush for the ripped voice
- Uchiha, Bey and P-tan for some effects and hitsparks

Abilities :



- Basic attacks (5 Standing, 5 Crouching & 3 Jumping)
- Taunt
- Throw
- 3 Intro
- 3 Winposes
- 4 Super Moves
- 1 Hyper Move
- 8 Special Moves
- A.I. (activate if difficulty is at least "Medium 3".)
- Palette 12 is Cheap Mode : more damage, more projectiles, more distance and regenerating power/health


Movelist and Credits are also in the readme.txt.



Images :





Download here !

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