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Supergirl (Update 12/30/2018)

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- Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode.
- Added extra effects.
- Added screenshake to air-throw.
- Updated with hi-res hitsparks and hitsounds.
- Fixed misplaced hitsparks during air-throw.
- Fixed misplaced hyper dust.
- Fixed CLSN boxes of Kryptonian Force.
- Fixed the glitch that makes air-throw unable to work properly.
- Girl of Steel's recovery increased by 14f.
- If blocked or whiffed, Girl of Steel will only hit once.
- Rising Sun Strike's Dive Kick now can hit OTG.
- Kryptonian Force now has armor from start-up until the end of active frames.
- No longer can gain control after using Air Heat Vision without being in flying mode.
- Increased air-throw hitbox.
- Forward dash no longer can cancel into itself.
- Flying mode's input changes to 2 attack buttons.
- Flying now can be canceled from normal.
- Elbow Attack's input change to b.X.
- j.Weak's start up reduced by 1f.
- 3rd hit of auto-combo's start up reduced by 1f.
- d.Hard now causes a sort knock down.

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