RM M.U.G.E.N Release: Micro M.U.G.E.N Daffy Duck

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Note: This character was designed for Lowes 9.0's Micro MUGEN full game which can be found here.



Seeing how Jenngra05 converted RSR's Fix-it Felix to Micro MUGEN, I decided to make one of my own creation.


It's none other than good ol' Daffy Duck.







Here's his special moves:
B, F, Punch: Bazooka
B, F, Kick: Roll
D, D, Punch: Low Bazooka


I got this character finished in just two days FYI.


Get him here.

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To be fair, his post was still referencing the character, so it's not completely off-topic, even if it was an unnecessary one-liner. Telling people to shut up and not to post in your threads, however, is, and that's not even mentioning how rude it is. Don't do it again. If you have an issue with someone breaking a rule, report it to a moderator and let them handle it.

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