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Slenderman (Update 20/12/2018)

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Download + Demonstration (a bit outdated):

- Added a new hyper: Into the Shadow (D,DB,B,D,DB,B + attack)
- Added an air version of Eldritch Spin (which behaves similar to dive kick).
- Updated with a new damage dampen system that works better in both Simul and Single mode.
- Removed more unused resources.
- Fixed a glitch involving hitsparks.
- Fixed crossing-up glitches.
- Fixed a glitch which makes s.Medium can be chained from s.Hard.
- Added missing guardspark and hitsound for c.Hard.
- Fixed the glitch that made j.Light can be chained from j.Hard.
- Fixed the glitch that doesn't allow opponents to tech in Simul mode.
- Blood Sacrifice's kill threshold reduced from 200 to 100.
- s.Hard's guard hittime reduced by 5f.
- Launcher's guard hittime reduced by 4f.
- One Page's start-up reduced by 6f.
- One Page's recovery reduced by 8f.
- One Page no longer disappears on hit.
- Removed special dust of Paranormal Activity.
- Removed power gain from Paranormal Activity.
- Eldritch Whip's hittime increased to 30f.
- 8-page Ritual's damage reduced from 250 to 210.
- 8-page Ritual no longer can gain power on hit.

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