Black Manta (Remastered by Mr.Giang)

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Urien went swimming.


Character Demonstration + Download:



- Basically a different character with different playstyle now.
- Added a new intro.
- Updated with hi-res hitsparks + effects.
- Added A LOT OF Injustice 2 voice lines.
- Reworked all hypers into 4 different hypers.
- Reworked many specials.
- Reworked combo system.
- Added damage dampen system.
- Now opponents can tech throw.
- Added trait system: Manta Shield.
- Now can perform Combo String.
- Fixed a numerous sprite mispriority.
- Torpedo Cannon now travels in an arc pattern instead of tracking opponents.
- UNO Tag Team Supported.
- And many things else that I don't remember (but the demonstration will definitely cover them all anyway).

Special thanks to these awesome guys:
LESSARD & Shining for the base character.
RicePigeon & Nep Heart for gameplay inspirations, effects and codes.
Walruslui for the Injustice 2 High-quality voice pack.

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