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Hotaru Futaba WIP

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 A non-custom sprited character this time? It's more likely than what you think. For my fourth project, I'll be doing lovely Hotaru Futaba! While she will retain the essence of her playstyle mostly from her NGBC and KoF XI incarnations, Hotaru will otherwise operate under my custom-made gameplay mechanics like my previous works. She will be given a few new moves inventions in the process that never existed in her source material that will help expand her concept a little further, but otherwise try to capture her character regardless. That also means the stance system will be implemented, although I have barely started on it. She's coming along smoothly otherwise.



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 Just in case you may have missed it in the video, Hotaru can actually wall jump.


 Every character I made will be updated to do this if they tech against a wall at least, although Sayaka will end up getting a non-tech based wall jump on top of wall teching just like Hotaru.

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