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Homura Akemi by Nep Heart

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 The disillusioned magical girl of time is here to battle for her best friend at all costs, Homura Akemi is finally complete and ready for your MUGEN. Turns out this character was relatively easier to do compared to the complexity that was Akyuu and my first attempt that was Sayaka. As before, she operates under the same base gameplay mechanics as my previous characters, however, she focuses heavily on zoning and keepaway unlike the the other two.


 Get here here:!AvDqTmHZ37DihnFereY4N0FvYRfx


 On a side note, Sayaka Miki and Hieda no Akyuu have been updated.


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 Decided to make early updates for all characters this time instead of waiting until I release my next character, so, have fun with that, everyone.


Here's Homura's updates...


- Buffed Airstrike; reduced start-up and increased damage.
- Improved aesthetics.
- Fixed bug that made certain bullet based projectiles unblockable at point blank range.


 The updates for everyone including Homura...


- Fixed wall bounce animations, hurtboxes and a bug that was found in them.
- Fixed ground bounce animations and hurtboxes.
- Fixed custom tripping animations and hurtboxes.
- Revised projectile reflectors for characters who have one.
- Added Gold Burst and Bursting now uses up all juggle points on hit.
- Revised ground teching to be similar to Melty Blood's.
- Revised lv3/lv5 super aesthetics.
- Tweaked all damage scaling.

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