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https://www.dropbox.com/s/0cahsan5fk4rmfw/Idle Bound Da-Ji.gif?dl=0





Updated Neo Da-Ji version (gets updates) 1.1





Reduced the null field duration but all attacks now sap the enemy's energy bar on hit while active.
null field grants hp reg at 3000 power and at 5000 power
Air combos are now a thing (the AI may or may not care)
Improved combo potential in exchange for less hp and def
Improved air grab
Improved FAC hyper
Changed heavy standing kick
projectiles will now properly cancel when hit with another projectile
AI upgraded
Hurt-boxes are now more consistent when Da-ji is hit
Health potion now sets Da-Ji hp to 30% when used rather than adding 25%

10/28/2018 changes for 1.1

Standing light kick now has 4 active frames instead of one.

Standing med and hard punch no longer infinite in the corner.

fixed missing collision box in standing med punch

limited crouching hard punch to hit only 3 times in corner

lower atk priority in vaporal edge long and short range

edited numerous hitboxes

-Air grab has 4 ticks of active hitbox time.

-Forwards and back roll now have collision boxes for throws.

Slider now has 20 frames of recover now

-Aerial dive kick special now has 16 frames of recover recovery time

Tyrant moon can no longer be looped into each other.

Vaporal edge now has the double startup frames, does not pull on guard, does self damage on guard.


Original Version Da-Ji version (as is) 1.1



Bound Da-Ji for 1.0 version

https://www.dropbox.com/s/z8ybf6ihgv0zufm/Bound 1.0.zip?dl=0


It took nearly a year to develop this version (A large part due to learning drawing, animation, rigging and designing). I'm happy to present to you, Honorbound Da-Ji, a dark fairy/plant hybrid with a badass AI to match. This merchant is not to trifled with as many would find themselves underneath her foot or if you're lucky (or unlucky) underneath something else .








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