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Mr.Giang's Tag Team Frenzy

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Taking down DarkFlare's team (Part 1):



It's a freaking mess, that damn Ky never gives me some down time to come up with a solid gameplan, Reimu being a charge-based character ain't help at all and Venom is useless other than being an assist (poor guy doesn't have a lot of defensive and comeback mechanism against rush-downers while that Ky keeps recovered from Venom's Launcher way too early, screwing his main bread n' butter). The only possible way to deal with this is to fight dirty, rush them in the face, keep using Venom Fang assist (and forget about even using him as a char) to keep up the pressure so Reimu can have enough time to charge her specials. AIs are too hard and unfair, there are no other ways.

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