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(both links are the same videos on different accounts)


 After working on this character for nearly half a year (with a few months of delay due to PC problems in the interim), I finally release my first MUGEN creation using Otz-Kai's version as a resource basis. While her gameplay takes some inspiration from various fighting games such as Marvel vs Capcom, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear and King of Fighters, she is otherwise completely custom. Have fun!!AvDqTmHZ37DihlJFdprY-GA5Bma6

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 Decided to make early updates for all characters this time instead of waiting until I release my next character, so, have fun with that, everyone.


Here's Sayaka's updates...


- J.2y completely overhauled with far more utility to allow Sayaka to bounce off non-lying opponents and be able to chain off non-command aerials. To compensate, it now does less damage and scales damage slightly more.
- Improved aesthetics.
- J.2z's knockdown hit after ground bounce is used up is now a hard knockdown, allowing Sayaka more follow-up options (such as making more use of Melodia and Aria)
- Corner pushback on all aerial normals increased.
- Air dash speed slightly increased, but its travel distance slightly reduced to compensate.
- Reduced overall guard crush damage potential.
- the x version of Forzando has damage revised based on Sayaka's current life; less life = more damage.


The updates for everyone including Sayaka...


- Fixed wall bounce animations, hurtboxes and a bug that was found in them.
- Fixed ground bounce animations and hurtboxes.
- Fixed custom tripping animations and hurtboxes.
- Revised projectile reflectors for characters who have one.
- Added Gold Burst and Bursting now uses up all juggle points on hit.
- Revised ground teching to be similar to Melty Blood's.
- Revised lv3/lv5 super aesthetics.
- Tweaked all damage scaling.

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