The Kaiju Kollection (Godzilla & Gamera Kaiju)

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August 21, 2018

- Added Biollante (BurningGodzillaLord)

- Slightly edited some film names

- The names of the films the monsters debuted in will be displayed as "(film name)" ("(Japanese film name)")

- Changed static images of characters to .gifs

August 21, 2018 (2)

- Added Super Godzilla (Infinity's End) (For whatever reason, opening up his animations in FF3 causes it to crash, so for now there's only a still sprite)

- Added Godzilla Battle Legends (Full game by Super Burning Godzilla)

- Slightly changed a changelog item for more clearness

August 23, 2018

- Added the following characters-

-- Godzilla-USA (Zektard)

-- Godzilla 2014 (Zektard)

-- Godzilla 2000 (BaganSmashBros)

-- Titanosaurus (Zektard)

-- Varan (Zektard)

August 26, 2018

- Added God King Ghidorah (Edit of Snowwolf's Ghidorah, unknown author)

November 8, 2018

- MFFA is finally back up! Hooray!

- Added G.O.D Godzilla/H_Godzilla (G.o.D Godzilla)

November 11, 2018

- Collection renamed to "The Kaiju Kollection".

- Gamera Kaiju have joined the battle! Godzilla vs. Gamera has become a reality!

- Added the following characters-

-- Nightmare Gamera EX (Zektard & Snowwolf)

-- Gamera (Googoo64)

-- Gyaos 64 (Googoo64)

-- Gyaos (Kamenmajyu)

-- Gurion (Googoo64)

-- Legion (Tokuiten)

-- Iris (Tokuiten)

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We're back!


Despite being down and out for a while, I don't think there have been any Kaiju releases since then, Godzilla or not.

To make up for it, I'll be including Gamera Kaiju into the collection.

Please stay tuned for future updates!

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