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Hi all i'm ready to release my Monster Overdose Superman. I'm really proud of this release,obviously my best char :twisted:  :twisted: 
alot of work here impossibile to quantify, i just do my best possible to release something new with alot of insane moves. One day i see a sprite made by Batzarro using monk as a base when i see that sprite i decide to make the full char i using alot of base such as:Hulk,Monk,Thanos,Griffon,Zangief,T-Hawk ALOT of Frankenspriting and others bases.

When i start i understand suddenly this time was very hard but i always continue and at the end i'm here to release him hope guys you like and enjoy  ??


In this video you can see the moves of this char   ??




Link mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/file/210ovpylsh24gvw/Overdose+Superman.rar


Enjoy and Keep Creating ??

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