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[MUGEN Character Release] Miu Kurosaki Arranged by Shadow & Orochi Nathan

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MUGEN Character Release


Miu Kurosaki Arranged by Shadow & Orochi Nathan



Hello, all guys!

Here I bring you a release a request and cooperation from my faithful friend Shadow (formerly known as 973supershadow) who unfortunately is absent right now and asked me to please upload this great character on his behalf. I hope you have Internet Shadow again!

This character made for The King of Fighters Memorial (KOFM) In resolution 16: 9 (1280x720 or 854x480). To play in MUGEN 640x480 you must open the Miu folder, enter the Miu Kurosaki_KOF file with Notepad and Change this (without the quotes):

"" localcoord = 427,240 "
change it for this "
"localcoord = 640,480" or "; localcoord = 427,240"

As dice in the title is an improved version made by Shadow and Orochi Nathan

Original author = Misamu K Young

Subscribe to my channel and Shadow for more content!


Download link:

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