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UPDATE (16/08/2018):


I have added Halo War, Halo Snow level, Fat Albert's Junkyard and Puente Negro from my hosted section if you may download these stages! 

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1 hour ago, CoffeeFlavoredMilk said:

It's really nice that you could obtain all of these. But how did you do so?

It's a good question, I travelled around the web history with suing Web Archive how I can found some of old stages made by Mugen Toons. I tried to download more of his lost materials, especially from what I have seen are the Television stage, the Incredibles, Teletubbies, Timmy's Room, Pinata Bonus, Cheerios Breakfast table and the forest from South Park. I still hope someone who remembered got this one by Mugen Toons. But luckily, I have found two more stages, especially Weenie Hut Junior's and New York.



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