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Crimson Array

[18+] Unknown Aggressors to find.


I've been looking for a Minotaur aggressor for the past month now and can't seem to find the version I had before.
Downloading from numerous sites including Mugen Archive would always give me an overly complicated character to use. Where you have to press a jumbled heck amount of buttons to get the form I want.

Also I'd like to find where the older versions of Ryona Morrigans are...
The new version which is number "3" is quite different from what I remember.
Not that it's bad but the new one added so many positions that I rather not bother with that version..

Also most victim characters are not compatible with the BJ action.

So my question is, does anyone know of a simplified Minotaur?
Also does anyone have the older versions of Ryona Morrigan?
and Victims that have full support with the BJ action? ( This means I don't care if they are compatible with other positions, just as long as the BJ action is compatible )

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