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Vegeta Release

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Feedback incoming (don't worry, I'll try to be easy on you):


- Missing nearly all required hit sprites.

- No hitboxes on taunt, Galick Ho, Big Bang Attack, and turning animations

- Ki Blast is an infinite, and takes up power but doesn't actually require any. Also, Vegeta is missing blue CLSNs when he performs the move.

- Weird hitboxes for jumping attacks (multiple unmodified KFM hitboxes as well)


- Jumping attack animations shouldn't loop

- Some attack animations are way too fast; other times, they're way too slow

- Attempting the throw command causes MUGEN to throw up an error about the throw state not existing

- There are two commands listed in the .cmd - Final Flash and Final Shine Attack. Attempting to perform these makes Vegeta go into an invalid state. As such, you can't actually perform these attacks.

- The 2 hypers that I am able to perform need a slight damage buff


Overall, for a first character, it's alright. You could definitely playtest some more, as most of these errors could easily be found by using Fighter Factory, which also has a built-in error check tool, or the debug keys.

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Okay,thanks for the feedback. I've fixed most of these problems and once I'm done with my Cell I will release an updated Vegeta.

We good here?

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