Flower Drunk Girls (Released 06/05/2018)

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For M.U.G.E.N v1.1
This is my 3rd M.U.G.E.N fan character. It was originally made for the purpose of Ai vs AI spectacle fights on the MUGEN streaming website called Spriteclub.


This time around for my 3rd attempt, I just wanted to have fun and go nuts making an unconventional Joke character while learning more new things for MUGEN char development. So I ended up slapping on as many gimmicks as I felt necessary to this one while trying to make it at least entertaining to watch. As such, she has things like perma-super armor, permanent helpers, etc. That being said, she isn't exactly an overpowered super killer either. She's more annoying to opponents than anything, probably.


Since this was a character made for AI spectacle fights, and should be considered more of a Joke/Boss character, it isn't meant to be controlled by a player at all. Nothing's stopping you though.


Download Link:


Thanks for reading!

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Now That What I Call Mugen In Drunk Drunken Style I Wonder What Do They Eat While They Are Drunk Hmmm  Corn Dogs ,Cheese,Hot Dogs,More Cheese,And Some Candy LOL


Good JOb MoloMowChow That ONe Krazy Kool Characters.:awesome:lifeofstudy:

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